Quebec Separatist Party Fun

So the PQ (Partie Quebecois) won a minority government. Be still my beating heart. I suppose this gives them a status comparative to the world’s tallest dwarf. They’ll beat the the separation drum feverishly, but won’t be able to do anything about it. Boo Hoo.  Jean Charest must be so proud, running a moronic and boring campaign at best, and still losing by just a whisker. Whatever will we do?


To be honest, I could really care less if Quebec separates. It’s always been my view that they don’t really want to, it’s just a good way to milk the federal government for more stuff. How will that play out with his Dictatorship Stephen Harper? Probably not very well. I would imagine his cut and slash policies will filter over into the Quebec debacle, maybe he’ll cut and slash them from the county.


Personally, if they want to go, let them. Providing they pay their share of the national debt, and lose all privileges of being Canadians. Like no more Employment Insurance from us, or any other federally funded programs. They can run their own hospitals, highways and everything else that we as taxpayers have to contribute to. If this was set before them on their separatist slate, I have a feeling they wouldn’t be quite so anxious to leave town.


In my province, New Brunswick, we have something called official bilingualism. It’s a policy that allows people of either french or english descent to have services in their language and respects both sides’ cultures. It isn’t always perfect, but it’s a lot better than what’s going on in Quebec. Of course, a policy similar in nature would be pointless to them, because it wouldn’t give them anything to fight about. That being said, if you’re going to separate, do it! Just take your share of the bills with you.



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