Prince Harry Photo Scandal Foolishness!

So Prince Harry took his little knight in for a walk in public, what’s the big deal? I’ve been saying for years the entire inbred royal clan is bananas. That being said, it’s nice of him to reinforce my views. I can only imagine what the Queen must be thinking. “My word Harry! Cover up your crumpets!” Actually, him parading around with his little oscar meyer weiner hanging out is pretty tame compared to what he could do.


Too much power, money and time on his hands. And not real bright to start with. Oh, a lot of you will say I’m being mean. Really… this is the same bozo who went to a costume party not too long ago in a Nazi outfit. And on top of that, I’m getting pretty sick of the comments about the latest fiasco online. “He’s just being the naughty prince.” “He’s the wild one.” Buffalo Chips! I thought these people were supposed to be royalty, part of government. If our Prime Minister ever tries something like that, I’ll have to defect.


Can you imagine what would happen if our leaders all started acting as mindless as Harry? Picture Stephen Harper and Barack Obama playing strip pinochle. Yeck! Any political person who tries parading around in the buff can kiss his career goodbye, never mind the criminal charges that could be brought up. To be honest, if people want to be nudists and it becomes common place, then I guess there’s no problem. But until that happens GAWD! Cover up will you?!

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