USA shopping at Hollister and more

There’s a lot things I’ve done in my life that have been painful. Car wrecks, surgeries and romantic breakups are all pretty agonizing. Right now I’m debating where my current discomfort should fit into the picture. I’m guessing as far as suffering values, mall shopping should land somewhere between a car crash and surgery. After a couple of days of following two teenage girls from store to store, I’m ready for some meds.

Hollister is one store I can’t figure out. I’m not that old.  It’s kind of hard to see what you’re buying cause it’s a bit dark. Or maybe that’s their secret…I like rock music, as a matter of fact, I think most of today’s music is a little tame and am into the heavier stuff. It’s nice shopping with the music blaring, EXCEPT WHEN YOU NEED TO ASK SOMEBODY A QUESTION! How are you supposed to find out anything from the clerks when it’s louder in there than a Motorhead concert in a phone booth?  I suppose they never have any complaints to customer service, cause nobody would hear them. Sore ears.

I don’t know why more shoe stores haven’t gone out of business. Most of them lack quality, stylish footwear that today’s teenage girls demand. Imagine, going into a store that has at least 500 pairs of shoes, only to learn from your shopping com padres that they don’t have “nothing”. Now I need a new pair of shoes because I wore mine out trudging from shoe store to shoe store that had “nothing” inside. Sore feet.

The main thing is; they had a good time. Isn’t that what it’s all about? Showing your kids a good time and giving them the opportunity to do something that pleases them? And I don’t do this that often so I shouldn’t be complaining… Yes I should. It’s what I do. I just can’t help myself. Now I have to go, I’m off to Walmart. Sore head.







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