As the Calgary Stampede gets underway and proudly begins celebrating its 100th anniversary, Bob Barker has come out swinging, stating that he’d like the rodeo shut down. That being said, I’m wondering if the old goat is suffering from dementia or if he took one too many blows to the head by over-excited contestants on the Price is Right. People like Barker give me heartburn. Blowing their horns and using their public persona to stop something they see as wrong without considering what anyone else thinks or feels about it.

First of all, Bob old boy, if you want to stop a rodeo because animals might get hurt, then I suggest you go whole hog and shut down

“That dog has testicles!”

horse racing, polo, all equestrian events and any other sport that has animals in it. Secondly, do it in your own damn country first before you come here. Last time I checked, the USA had a lot more problems than a few calf-roping events. You could start by protesting the next time that oil thirsty, tyrannical country of yours declares war on some impoverished nation. Does the deaths of thousands of civilians and your own servicemen bother you Bob? Or are cows more important? I’ll bet if Uncle Sam ever declares war on India, you’ll be spouting like an auctioneer on crack, in case a smart bomb gets stupid and hits some wayward sacred bovine.

How bout all the homeless people in the states Bob? Or that screwed

Bullfighting? No way, its animal gymnastics, Bob

up hospital system of yours that denies people basic health care. Don’t you care about them? Couldn’t you put your money and name to good use by helping needy citizens instead of cows that might fall down? Probably not..  Anways, here’s a few things for you to think about.

1. Animals and people will always run the risk of being hurt or killed in sporting events.

2. A running calf has the chance to get away but a chicken owned by KFC (an american institution) does not.

3. Most Canadians don’t give a damn what you think.

The price is wrong, so don’t come on down to Canada, Bob. Just do us all a favour and get lost.

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3 Responses to BOB BARKER IS AN IDIOT!

  1. couldnt have said it better

  2. JEFF says:

    to whoever the nameless idiot is who wrote this story, I agree with you on bob barker. as far as rodeo’s, America invented rodeo’s. why don’t you cannucks go invent something yourself instead of sucking everything off America! as far as I remember Canada was part of the Iraq war so go whine to your stupid socialist gov! ohh and btw the war wasn’t over oil and a impoverished nation! you are an idiot! EHH!

    • hitthelites says:

      Oh I can just smell genius here Jeff, yer a regular rocket scientist. America always goes to war over oil, that’s just common knowledge. Stop watching CNN (A Biased, idiotic program) and start paying attention to the rest of the world. Canada wasn’t a part of George W’s war on Iraq, that’s common knowledge too. Are you sure you’re not one of Bob’s kids?

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