Hospital Wait Times, Privatizing Health Care

Today was a hoot.  I got to hang out in one of my favorite places, the hospital.  I had to go for some tests as I’m getting ready for my next round of knee surgery.  Yahoo…Most of you that read my blog will know I’ve had a few misadventures there in the past.  At least nothing out of the ordinary happened this time.  I was, however, irritated to no end by what I saw.

It’s nothing to do with the staff. As a matter of fact, I commend them.  I’m always impressed with their professionalism, speed and efficiency.  As I went from station to station, everyone did their best to see me in a timely manner and were courteous to say the least.  What’s bugging me is the crowd of people that were in the emergency room.   They looked like a gang of shoppers lined up to attack a department store just before a boxing day sale.

I ain’t no genius but it don’t take one to figure out most of them didn’t need to be there.  I swear to God people, if you’re not sick, stay home!  If you’ve got a runny nose and a sore throat you don’t belong in an emergency room, you should be under a blanket at home with a warm drink.  Don’t you realize what a financial burden this is putting on the province?  Never mind the stress on the staff of dealing with irate “patients” who think they need medical attention because they sneezed once or twice.

I suggest we implement a user fee.  For everyone.  $20 dollars a head for every man, woman and child who wants to see a doctor at the emergency room.  No exceptions for race or social standing. If you can afford the gas to drive to the hospital and the coffee you’re enjoying from Tim’s when you’re supposed to be deathly ill, you can damn well afford to cough up a twenty to see someone.  I would gladly pay it, because the amount of times I go to the emergency room in the run of a year wouldn’t add up to a hill of beans.

Of course, some of you will say, “But I have to see a doctor on a regular basis.”  That’s a different story.  If you’re being treated for an ongoing illness or condition, you wouldn’t be in the emergency room anyway.  I’m not talking about family doctors or specialists.  I’m talking about the bunch of lunatics who ain’t got nothing better to do than hang out in an emergency room because they’ve passed gas and it sounded different… Think I’m being harsh?  Or maybe just funny?  See how funny it is when the whole damn system collapses…

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  1. I agree with the user fee as i see the same situation every time i am forced to use emerge

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