Oil and Gas, stewards of the earth?

If anyone ever wonders why I am so against shale gas exploration and fracking in this province, wonder no more.  The bottom line is Big Oil and gas aren’t to be trusted, no matter what.  I’ve been involved in the debate for some time now and the yes side’s arguments are hilarious at times.  I’ve heard people say, “the industry is more heavily regulated than any other”, “there’s only been a few problems”.  More often than not, they also dodge the questions put to them and talk about how terrible some other industry is.  Just like politicians.

The article I’ve added below is an older one, but should be looked at. Closely.  Do you want these types of corporations running amuck in your province?  I don’t.  It’s time for us to stand up and make ourselves very clear on this issue before it’s too late.  And for those of you who think fracking is a good idea;  why don’t you head on down to the gulf, get yourself a plate of crusty corexit covered crab and wash it down with a frosty glass of frack fluid.  Wake up people!


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