Book Deals, Gertie Killam’s Shale gas play

My latest novel is just about finished. I would imagine the first draft will be done within the week. It’s almost bittersweet, a relief to complete something I’ve been working on for months, yet almost sad as the adventures of a group of characters I’ve invented comes to a close. There’s also a feeling of pride as I’ve crested once again what seems like an insurmountable mountain. For many people, the scariest part of writing a novel is starting it. For me, the fear begins when the writing ends.

I’ve written six or seven full length stories now, and this year I got my first book deal. I guess that’s pretty good considering some people write their entire lives without getting signed, while others struggle to get one story completed. This doesn’t make me an expert. Far from it. In fact, that’s where the fear comes in. Now I have to present my work to publishers and hope someone will accept it for printing. Truth be told, I already have enough rejection letters to wallpaper a room in my house, I really don’t enjoy the prospect of receiving more. It’s tough being told my work doesn’t measure up to publisher’s standards but that doesn’t mean the work is bad. It’s more a question of the publisher’s personal taste. For this book I just need to find one that has an appetite for foolishness…

Speaking of foolishness and all things funny, I took in “Mrs. Killam’s


Shale Gas Play” this weekend. It was a pleasure to be entertained by great actors, singers and musicians, making light of a subject that is really quite serious. The entire event was well organized and enjoyed by all who attended. everyone involved deserves a huge clap on the back. Way to go folks!

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