The “easy” oil is gone, and Ethan’s breakfast

Let’s face it. It’s common knowledge that the oil that is easy to get at is gone. The other night I was watching a science program and was unimpressed to learn that scientists are now working on methods to extract oil and minerals from areas like Northern Greenland and the artic. Frozen environments require new techniques to work in these areas, the more obstacles, the higher the risks. Do we really need another disaster like the BP’s recent mess in the Gulf where millions of gallons of crude spilled into the ocean?

Unfortunately, when oil prices hover around the 100 dollars a

TAA - Tax addicts anonymous...

barrel mark, oil companies start falling all over each other in their race to find the ever increasingly scarce black gold. Their frenzied quest to suck petroleum from the ends of the earth spawns images of a drunken, office cleaner, recklessly vaccumming at a high speed as if they were being paid by the carpet, oblivious of the mess they leave behind. It’s a nightmare at best. Now New Brunswick is about to be the latest victim, as natural gas exploration threatens to destroy our properties and our water. I realize the need for petroleum is there, we’re all guilty of this problem. We drive cars, burn up electricity and create the demand. There are lots of inventors out there coming up with great ideas to break our oil addiction, but their progress has been slow due to the fact that the governments are the biggest oil junkies there is. I’d guess it would be easier to kick heroin than to get them off of the tax revenue.

Luckily, the trend is slowly changing. Some companies have sprung

no gas for this baby!

up lately that will change the way we do a lot of things. Entrepeneurs are realizing that green products and practices can be profitable. Tata motors from india is one such company. Their air-powered car that is nearing the production stage could be a game changer. I say it was just a matter of time before the oil companies price themselves out of the market. If innovations like this continue to appear, the decreased demand for petroleum could stabilize and drop, and hopefully slow the race for new drilling locations until safer extraction methods are developped. Here’s a couple of green links that are worth taking a look at…              

What an amazing turnout for Ethan Glendenning and his family! I stopped in at the breakfast and bake sale and was blown away by the amount of people that came to show their support. It certainly is a comfort knowing that in a time of need a person can always count on their friends and neighbors. A big thank you to all that attended and to all that volunteered to make the event such a success. Ethan’s battle with CF is going to be an extended ordeal, and the family can rest assured that when they need help we’ll all be there. Way to go folks!

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