E-coli Beef, Lindsay Lohan and the Queen’s a mooch!

So we have another e-coli outbreak.  Surprise surprise.  A company from Saskatchewan, New Food Classics, is responsible for the meat products that been shipped all over the country.  This is also the same strain of the disease that caused the deaths in Walkerton, Ontario when their water supply became contaminated.  A complete list of the products that are being recalled can be seen at this link, www.inspection.gc.ca .  Check out the “Latest recalls”  on their home page.  Not surprisingly, New Food Classics has just declared bancrupcy.  Doesn’t that make everyone feel better?

This irritates me to no end.  It wasn’t that long ago that the government slapped a whole bunch of regulations and changes on small, independant meat shops and farms, claiming that their practices of handling meat and produce “weren’t safe”.  So why is it that the outbreaks of contamination keep happening in the large packing plants?  Simple.  An inspector can’t give the same amount of attention to a slab of beef when it’s going by on an assembly line, that a butcher can in his own shop. End of story.  The changes that were implemented years ago drove some meat shops out of business, cost others a lot of money and the end result is outbreaks are still occuring in the big plants.  That being said, supporting your local farmers and farmer’s market is a great idea. Sometimes bigger isn’t necessarily better.

Speaking of things that make you sick, every time I scan news sites this week I keep getting article after article about Lindsay Lohan’s latest troubles. Personally, I couldn’t care less what that spoiled, has-been burnout does. But I guess society does.  Everytime I go into a pharmacy or grocery store I’m amazed at the amount of magazines on the rack that cater to our burning desire for celebrity gossip.  Maybe I should jump on the bandwagon and follow around the stars in hopes of catching a glimpse of them stubbing their toe or picking their nose. Sounds like a real glamourous career.  Not!

Of course, nothing’s dumber in my books when it comes to the royals.  Another stupid

The queen will go to great lengths to get free sandwiches at a popular london's mens night...

headline that got my attention was “Queen Elizabeth has become a wedding crasher”.  Apparently the old royal hag showed up at a ceremony that she wasn’t invited to.  No doubt looking for a free meal or some sort of handout.  I wouldn’t be surprised if she gorged down some of the food, swilled a bunch of wedding cake like a hog at the trough and then complained about it afterwards.  Wouldn’t I love to be hosting an event of some sort and have her show up uninvited. “You’re who?  The Queen of where?  Get lost!”

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2 Responses to E-coli Beef, Lindsay Lohan and the Queen’s a mooch!

  1. Rachel says:

    Jason I like to bitch and rant as much as the next person, however I try to get my facts straight first….the Queen WAS invited to the wedding. The Queen was going to be in the same building for her own function so the couple that were getting married decided to invite the Royal couple to their wedding to see what response they would get. Naturally the Queen declined. Imagine if they had accepted??!! Word would have broke out and it would have been media mayhem. The Queen had every intention of making an appearance, which clearly she did. So maybe you should start reading entire articles & not just the headlines. I watched the interview with the married couple that told what happened and should footage of the Royal couple in the marriage line congratulating the newly weds….just thought you should know…

    • hitthelites says:

      Good point, I guess I flubbed that one, sort of…I still have no use for any party who costs us canadians millions of dollars everytime they come to visit. especially when they are filthy stinking rich

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