Visalus, snakeoil, and other useless garbage!

It seems like I can’t go on any social network these days without seeing someone selling hawg slopthe next “big thing” in the science of weight loss.  The latest pyramid scheme to hit the cyber-streets is a bunch of (tasty?) shakes by visalus.  This product sounds so great.  Apparently it has the capability to help you lose weight, have more energy, maybe cure impotence, perhaps generate hair-regrowth in men, help the lame to walk and the blind to see.  Blah, blah blah!  In the name of all that’s sacred, let me be the first to say, “what a load of horse manure!”

Think I don’t have a valid opinion in this subject?  Guess again.  My weight’s been up and down more times over the years than a lady of the evening’s bloomers on nickel night.  There’s no snake oil potion, no magic pill, no silver bullet.  If there was, don’t you think Oprah wouldn’t be on flabby, skinny roller coaster she’s been riding forever?  There’s only one sure way to lose weight and keep it off.  Smaller helpings, more exercise.  Plain and simple.  I usually lose weight this way when I’m at home and then gain it back when I drive trucks.  Someone like myself who’s prone to weight gain should probably look into a different career because it’s hard to eat right and exercise when you’re behind the wheel 14 hours a day.  But that’s my problem.

Obesity and the problems that go with it are at an all time high.  A large percentage of us have excess weight we need to lose and it’s a lot more difficult for some than others.  That’s why I hate seeing crap like this for sale, because it draws people in that probably can’t afford it and then doesn’t do anything for them.  Or even worse, they lose the weight but can’t keep it off unless they keep using the product. You’d think it was something new and grand.  “Two shakes a day and a sensible meal at supper time.” Duh!  Ever hear of Slimfast? That’s been around as long as me.  You’d be better off drinking two large glasses of water at meal time then having a real supper.  At least it wouldn’t cost you an arm and a leg.

Want to lose some weight without costing you anything?  Instead of cuddling up to the televison this evening, go for a walk.  Or take a bicycle ride. Forget jogging, that’s no fun.  Don’t believe me?   Look at the people that jog in your neighborhood.  See any of them smiling?   If they are they’re probably on crack.  Now where was I?  Stop eating desserts, cut down on the flour as well.  Just don’t starve yourself. Eat more fruit, drink more water and get out there and do something active.  Like walking  to the curb and throwing whatever weight loss shakes you have in the cupboard into the trash.   I’m pretty sure it’ll be better for your health in the long run.  And your wallet will thank you immediately.  If this blog has offended anyone, remember it’s called “telling it like it is” , not “candy-coated compositions.”  That’s all for now, my bicycle is calling me…

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6 Responses to Visalus, snakeoil, and other useless garbage!

  1. Cherie Cail says:

    Love it…spent lots of money on miracle diets, shakes, pills you name it! The only way to lose weight is exactly how you described! It’s all in the mind, either you eat it…or you don’t. You exercise…or you don’t. No gimmick in the world is going to make you loose weight. I will never “buy in” to anything else again except for healthy eating and exercise! Good Job Jason…

  2. hitthelites says:

    thank you for the nice comment!

  3. J A Macdonald says:

    The best program is called Putting down the fork

  4. John says:

    How can you take an article that is written with such stupidty serious. A variety of weight loss programs have proven to work and may suit a persons lifestyle easier than your theory. And considering you are overweight I wouldnt put much stock in your opinion.

    There’s nothing in this article that adds value for someone who is actually trying to lose weight.
    Blah Blah Blah is right. How in the heck did I stumble over this trash.

    Maybe this article was supposed to be for comedy…if so sorry I missed it.

    10 4 Im out

    • hitthelites says:

      Oh dear, it looks like I’ve irritated another visalus salesman, snakeoil peddler, what have you. “There’s nothing in this article that adds value for someone who is actually trying to lose weight”. Gee John, I guess you missed the part about smaller portions and exercise as opposed to buying 99 dollar a month slop in a can… I suppose you’ve got to make a living too. Just hope you can sleep at night,..

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