Who does Jason Russell think he is?  Pee Wee Herman?  Talk about falling off of the rails.  It hasn’t been a week that Alisha and I blogged together about what a great cause KONY2012 is.  I never saw this coming.  His family is saying he’s been under a lot of pressure and stress.  Hmmm.  Seems to me I’ve been under the gun more than a few times in my life, but I’ve never had the urge to run down the street in the buff singing “See my oscar meyer…”  well, you get the idea.  And yes, that’s him in the pic on the car roof.  I guess he can be a screwball if he likes.  Maybe instead of “Cover the night” he should change the slogan to “Cover himself”.

It’s amazing what you can find out about people after the fact.  I had no idea Henry Ford, the auto-industry pioneer had ties to the nazi party.  Apparently he was a huge Hitler supporter and despised jewish people.  As sick as that is, at least it shows that we’ve come a long way in certain areas. Someone with an attitude like that in this day an age (in North America)  would be tossed out of their position like a hot potato. That being said, I wonder if jewish people buy or boycott ford products?  If I was jewish I would.  I still might anyways…

Watching the Hitler documentary made my skin crawl.  It really makes you worry  about dictatorships and what could happen if the wrong person comes to power.  After seeing how Hitler made all the other political parties in his country illegal, it’s little wonder that there are people dying all over the world at this very moment just for the right to vote.  It’s a shame that the UN can’t come to an agreement over Syria and stop the fighting there.  All those people want is the right to choose their own government.  So far there are an estimated 8000 deaths.  Tragic.

I guess we don’t realize how lucky we are.  To live in a place where we have to right to vote, to choose religion and not worry about being gunned down by our own government.  Now if we could just get that moron Alward to take fracking off of the table.  Maybe I should run for office and do something about it.  When I’m elected I’ll make fracking illegal and implement more green policies so our children and grandchildren have clean water to drink.  As a matter of fact…well wait a second.  Did I just say I was going to run for office?  Am I finally cracking up? If you see a middle aged guy running down the road in his underwear don’t call the cops!  It could be me…

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