Manny Pacquiao and Floyd Mayweather, champs or chumps?

Sometimes I think sports would be a lot more entertaining if the players were paid by their success percentage.   I’ve often said that hockey, baseball, basketball, etc would be a lot more fun to watch if the players only got paid for the games  they won.  That being said, the only sports I pay much attention to now are just that, sports where the participants get paid by how well they perform.  Rodeo, mma and boxing are at the top of my list.  And yes, there’s a good arguement for greedy boxers getting purses that are much too large.  I’d agree with that too. But at least the only way they’ll get the money is if they actually show up to fight.

Right now I’m getting pretty sick of the two best boxers in the world today; Manny Pacquiao and Floyd Mayweather Jr.  These two morons are making a mockery of the sport by refusing to fight one another. Why is this such a big deal? Each one claims to be the best of the best.  And in the ring they are both something to behold.  Both are blessed with buckets of talent. The whole universe is screaming for this fight and it’s looking now like it’s never going to happen.  Why is that?

I’d guess the two are genuinely scared of one another.  Or more likely, scared to lose.  In the meantime the sport as a whole takes a beating because they keep fighting has-beens and underrated fighters.  How can a sport that depends so heavily on pay-per-views for revenue survive when we are fed a constant diet of re-heated crap for $69.99 a pop?  Did Manny really think he’d have a problem beating De la Hoya or Mosely who were at their prime over a decade ago?  I think he was just looking for an easy payday.  And Floyd’s not much better, constantly fighting sub-par opponents.  Something has to be done.

The boxing associations need to start acting like the NHL, the NBA or what have you and make ranked opponents from all weight classes face one another.   Imagine if during the Stanley cup playoffs, the semi-finalists decide not play for the cup.  Instead, each conference winner goes home and brags that they could’ve beaten the other team.   Such a scenario is laughable, but that’s what’s happening in boxing.  Change these rules, get those two in the ring and settle it once and for all. Really, they should both be ashamed.  The sport of boxing has made them both wealthy.  They should be giving back to it instead of slowly destroying it with their greed and egos.

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