It’s a beautiful, sunny, pre-spring day out there. What perfect weather to snowshoe, cross country ski, or just take a walk in the snow. That is, if you actually like exercising. Someone like myself who suffers from chronic incurable laziness probably isn’t going to go for it. As I write this manifesto of foolishness I am also actively looking for a chainsaw that comes with a remote control and a steam jenny that is approved for use on kitchen utensils. I am also searching for a dog that knows how to shovel steps and start my truck on cold mornings. Wish me luck.

This week the Alward government announced it would be forming a super-department to curb spending and help get the defeceit under control. My first opinion was in order for the conservatives to have anything super they’d have to get rid of Alward himself. Superman he ain’t. However, upon reading their plans to combine departments from different offices that basically did the same job, like accounts payable for example, I warmed up to the idea. They’re actually starting to think a little bit. So keep trimming the fat folks! If you can get enough pigs away from the trough you can probably take fracking off of the table. And I might actually start to like your party. Well, that’s a stretch…

The weather this week has been typical for the time of year. Snow, freezing rain, rain, back

doesn't he look like a wizard...

to snow etc. It makes for hazardous walking conditions and a lot of slip-and-falls have been reported. So I’m guessing that’s what happened to liberal leader wannabe Kelly Lamrock, who’s proposing “you lie you pay” legislation for politicians this week. He must’ve taken a flip and knocked the marbles clean out of his head. He wants our governments to be punished financially if they break their pre-election promises. Well Mr. Lamrock, if the future governments are anything like the past and present ones, their lies will bancrupt them before their first term is up. What’s that going to solve?

You want to stop the lying and all the bullcrap that goes on in politics? Hold all these elected idiots accountable for what comes out of their mouths. Any person I know in the private sector, myself included, would be fired from their job if they were lying to their employer on a regular basis. But our mla’s have no problem lying to us and we’re the ones who elected them. That being said, we should also be able to fire them. With no severance pay or cushy pension. Let’s implement a three strike rule and have an independant firm moniter it. Then we’ll see who’s on the straight and narrow. That’s the first rule I’m going to make law when I become Premier.

In an unrelated subject I read in about ten different news websites that Pippa Middleton, the sister of Kate Middleton who married Prince William in a royal shotgun wedding is competing in a cross country ski race to raise money for charity. Let me be the first to say. “How the hell is that news?” There are poor people out there who raise money to help others on a regular basis. Why not a story about them? Sorry Pippa, but in my books the royal family is a charity sponsored by everyone in the commonwealth. Here’s a news headline that will get my attention. “British Monarchy is declared useless and forced to relocate to Sunny, Northern Siberia on their own dime where Prince Charles’ oversized ears get frost-bitten and fall off.” Adios idiots…

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