Whitney, another dead crackhead…

Another one bites the dust. Cruel isn’t it. No crueller than the world of drugs and the pitfalls of being an addict. Whitney Houston wasn’t a social drinker who enjoyed the occasional joint. She was a full blown pill popping, coke storting crackhead. Her career was in a shambles, her last concert tour bombed because her once pristeen voice had deteriorated to a raspy, out-of-key racket that had fans booing and walking out before the show was over. Of course, now that she’s dead the reaction from other celeberites has been predicatable. Saying wonderful things about her and what a wonderful person she was. Phooey!

Not too long ago, another prince of pop died from drug abuse, Michael Jackson. Of course, his problem was prescription drugs but nevertheless he’d been ingesting medication in volumes that would’ve kept the average elephant sedated. Once he’d passed, the media and famous people revelled in what a success and star he’d been. If memory serves me correctly, he was a drug addicted pedophile who bought his way out of going to prison. This infuriates me to no end. If either one of these two deceased addicts had’ve been average joes, no one would give a damn.

Drug addicts die everyday. Middle class and poor people who get hooked for one reason or another. They lose their families, their homes, sometimes turn into criminals and live on the streets. When they wind up in prison society says, “They deserved it! Throw the book at them!” And when they arrive at the morgue society says, “Just another dead crackhead!” But it seems to get swept under the rug if the addict is rich and famous. Oh sure, it makes for some bad headlines in the media. But bad headlines are better than no headlines at all if your career is stalled.

Addiction is a disease. It affects all walks of life. And it’s time we stopped candy coating it for society’s elite. Whitney Houston fell off of the rails and never got it together again. A voice like hers could’ve kept her on the charts for decade after decade. Instead she blew it, set a horrible example for her fans and winds up dead in a hotel room. And what do we do? Say wonderful things about her. Well not me. I’d be the first to congratulate her if she’d cleaned up, showed the world that people can change and became a shining light for those suffering from addictions everywhere. But she didn’t. Even with all that wealth and opportunity to do so. So I say, “Just another dead crackhead.” Think I’m being cruel? This blog is called “Telling it like it is.”

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14 Responses to Whitney, another dead crackhead…

  1. hitthelites says:

    Thanks! The whole thing really irks me… I’ve been seeing the comments other famous people have been saying about her, “how wonderful she was” etc, what a crock!

  2. Brandy says:

    What a waste…she is something to behold. I hate to say it but she looks like she would do anything for a dollar…all thats missing is the shopping cart….I thought. I read somewhere she had lots of friends ..wonder where they were the past ten years.Whitney probably drove them away ….superstars …crackheads just scum trash

  3. John dooley says:

    I agree, she was like a whole that couldnt be filled. Im glad I never met whitney houston!!!!

  4. Nadre says:

    I totally agree! I am sick and tired of people putting her on a pedestal just because she a great singer and pretty. She &*#$%! up her littler girls life. That child had to grow up watching her B.Brown getting $%*&@# up, fighting and acting crazy….for all the short young years of little Bobbi’s life. I grew up with parents that drank and did drugs and it’s a $#&@ing nightmare that has affected my entire life. Whitney was a spoiled rotten, selfish drug addict/alcoholic. I know it is a disease but she had the money to go into treatment for a year or more. All this crap about ‘how much she loved Jesus and God’….give me a break! She loved getting stoned more that God, Jesus, herself or her child. Tons of people that truly want help and CANNOT get into rehab simply because they can’t afford it, she COULD and did not…not really. She did the 30 day bit but did not really get totally clean. Yeah sure she “tried” about 3 times, but she should have stayed in for at least a year. Spoiled, egotistical, pop star dies from drugs (or maybe she had a stroke or heart attack … and fell in the tub…from living so hard for so long…who knows). Fer God’s sake her old body guard said he would NOT allow her take baths, only showers and would not leave her alone for more that 5 minutes when she did go in the bathroom. AND that was over 10 years ago. He finally quit because he told her he could not guard her from herself. The media is trying to make her look like a “lost little innocent God fearing, poor lost soul, helpless drug addict”. She LIKED being high more than anything. She ruined her child’s life/childhood AND adulthood, she ruined her own voice and body. WHITNEY #@$$ED AWAY all the gifts that God had given her. I feel NO pity for her. I do feel pity for her daughter. And now good ol’ Bobby Brown is hovering and trying to close in on the daughter. He smells money…..lots and lots of money. I hope little Bobbi Kris’s family helps her be strong enough to stay away from him.

  5. She didn’t die of crack use. She didn’t die a crack head. If you are going to “tell it like it is” (anyone who says they do, usually don’t…i.e. you.) then tell the TRUTH like it is. šŸ™‚ When you get finished with this post, write another one about how it feels to be a complete failure in life and make sure you leave at least three reasons as to why you going to kill yourself before…you actually do it. %#@& you. and have a horrible day. šŸ™‚

    • hitthelites says:

      Mr. Grimreaper, hmmm, have you been living under a rock for the last couple of decades? “A complete failure in life” would be someone who be someone who destroyed their brilliant career and died in a bathtub cause they were too wasted. Or someone who is so blind they can’t see what a disaster Whitney Houston was. Maybe you should invest in some glasses…

  6. j says:

    just another crackhead dead. good.

  7. Tazin Jui says:

    God bless you for speaking up the truth!!! I would mourn for our troops who died for our country rather than a crackhead slut who used poor fans money to buy drugs and pumped it into her body.

  8. Mycroft9 says:

    Bravo! I think it is a shame that two radio personalities had to publicly apologise for saying on the air that Whitney was a crack ho’. Someone who uses drugs the way she did are breaking the law. But when they are celebrities we give them a pass. I can’t say the news of her death surprised me any more than her family can TRUTHFULLY say they all did not feel a sense of relief now that this slow motion train wreck is finally over.

  9. dainty39gm says:

    They say good things about regular crackheads also. In black communities where dealers, addicts, and drugs rule, you hear nothing but the highest praise for crack addicts and drug dealers. You’d think they were God’s gift instead of what they really are: the Devil’s children. It’s believed that crack addiction is an illness (or sickness) like the common cold or flu. Not hardly. Folks need to get it through their thick skulls that its an ADDICTION.

    I just came upon this webite today. Merry X-mas, everyone. I truly hope everyone’s enjoying the holiday.

  10. dainty39gm says:

    BTW, it should be also mentioned that her brother Michael was the one who introduced Whitney to crack somewhere between the late 80’s and early 90’s. I don’t know if everybody knows it or not, but back in the late 70’s/early 80’s blacks put out a rumor that the CIA floode black communities with crack. That’s a bold face lie. If that’s the case, then black dealers didn’t/don’t mind becoming the CIA’s b**ch. Blacks say s**t like that so as to not take responsibility for their own actions/behavior within the world of illegal drugs. There are 60-year old black males who sell or smoke crack. Can’t blame the gov’t or law enforcemen for making them do that.

  11. trini says:

    queen of crack heads

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