How to beat the gas companies, get gas, etc…

Well shucky darn and slop the chickens! The sun is out, it’s the

Jason attacks!

weekend and I’m all fired up! So let’s get the ball rolling. To me, buying gasoline is a lot like getting mugged. You never know how badly you’re going to get beaten up at the pumps, because of the fluctuating prices. I’m pretty sure the cost per liter each week is decided by a drunk ceo tossing darts at dartboard full of numbers. What fun for them. Ha Ha.

That’s why I’m pleased as punch to report that India’s Tata motors

No gas for this baby!

is about to deliver a dart right in the gas companies arses. My Uncle John A. has struck gold again with his weekly barrage of emails to me. I’d heard about this car, now thanks to my good old uncle I got some specs on it. The ‘Mini Cat’ (seen here) is scheduled to hit India’s streets in August of 2012. It doesn’t use gas, diesel, or electricity. The car runs on compressed air. That’s right! The air around us. At a cost of around $8000 US, it has a range of 300kms, much higher than electric cars, can be refilled at gas stations with a special compressor in about 3 minutes and it refills at home or at work with its own compressor in about 4 hours. Magnifico!

There’s no reason why this won’t work. We’ve been using

compressed air drives this engine

compressed air in tractor-trailers and other types of heavy equipment for decades. I only have one fear regarding this product. The gas companies themselves. Will they try to buy off Tata motors before the car hits the streets? Or threaten them like they’ve done to other people working on similar projects? I hope not. This is just what the world needs right now. Petroleum is getting scarce and gas companies are going to environment-destroying lengths to get what’s left. If all cars were powered this way, there’d be lots of oil for the rest of it’s applications. Come on Tata! I’m rooting for you!

Something we don’t need right now is McDonald’s. I’m more than


sick to report that until recently they were using ammonium hydroxide to convert off-cuts of beef to beef filler for their burgers. What that means is they were using a form of bleach to turn parts of the cow heading to the dog food department into a pink slime that could be mixed in with the hamburger for us to eat. Yuck!!! Once the word of this procedure leaked out, they stopped doing it. You can rest easy knowing your big mac now is free of the slime, but still has plenty of eyes, ears, and noses. No wonder they call it Rotton Ronnie’s.

I’m happy to report that I was just interviewed by ‘Focus on Kent’

'Recession Proof'

about my ebook ‘Recession Proof’. Darlene Lawson asked a lot of great questions and I’m sure the article will be excellent, as all of her articles seem to be. It will be in the next focus which comes out on Thursday. Thanks to all of you who bought my book, and if you still haven’t, you can get it here, , for the ridiculously low price of $5 bucks. With any luck I’ll be able make it as an author and work full time at writing and harassing those in higher places that deserve it. If they don’t have me shot that is…

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