Fighting for the last slice of heaven


The rising sun calls my name

I cannot ignore her plea

My breath hangs heavy about my head

So cold and yet I see

As I travel to my hidden place

through a trail of frosty snow

I ponder of people from a different time

who walked here long ago

The creek narrows as I reach the head

board ice that crunches and cracks

cedars and firs lean out as if to say

“How nice that you’ve come back”

The air is still in this sheltered place

where fresh water meets the salt

unchanged for a hundred years

undamaged by man’s faults

A scow awaits for spring to come

in a prison of ice and snow

waiting to sail on the creek again

when the clear water begins to flow

Sadly I leave and return to home

as the cold becomes too great

But I’ll return again and again

to my secret sacred place.

My house sits on the banks of Bear Creek. I think it’s an awesome place. Throughout the summer ducks, cranes and sometimes geese call it their home. Muskrats live here, as do otters although they’re pretty secretive. In the winter it becomes a skating rink, a walking trail or just a beautiful spot to look at. When you think about it, Bear Creek is just one of nature’s miracles. Everyone has a special place that they like to enjoy. Our province and country for that matter is a pristeen place, where there are many locations still unspoiled by man’s reckless pursuit of progress.

There isn’t anyone around here that hasnt’ heard of fracking. And it’s about to take place in our province unless we do something about it. If there are untold riches in the depths of the ground, why can’t we wait until a safer method comes along to extract them? It’s not like the gas is going to spoil or disappear. It’s been there for millions of years. I don’t think a few more is going to make much of a difference.

On Saturday January 28th at 2 pm there will be a meeting with Michel DesNeiges, Legal Counsel for the New Brunswick Environmental Law Society at the Bass River Hall. The civic address is 20 Fearon Cross Road, Bass River NB. Mr. DesNeiges will be speaking on a number of topics regarding hydraulic fracturing (fracking) and will be answering questions. Please try to attend. Admission is free but donations will be accepted to help cover the cost of this event. Snow Date is February 4th.

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4 Responses to Fighting for the last slice of heaven

  1. Jody says:

    Lovely piece……

  2. Thanks for reading my Peru feature on Lesley Carter’s website today 🙂
    Love your work here!

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