Funny signs, funny food, its not funny…

Obviously I had a lot on my mind this morning.  I’m waiting to pick up a truck and I’m thinking about the greasy food I ate last night that could’ve been used as an industrial lubricant.  The signs that are on some fast food restaurants go from misleading to downright ridiculous! And they all have one thing in common. To entice you to spend some money on food that is about as healthy as your average sumo wrestler…

St. Hubert.  Whats with the happy chicken?  I got a feeling if he knew what was in store for him, he wouldn’t be smiling, he’d be running for his life!  Unless there’s something pleasant about being quartered,  battered and tossed in a deep frier, I’d hazard a guess that this sign might be misleading.  For the chickens anyway.

Dixie Lee.  Okay, this chick is so warped she makes Barbie almost look normal.  I thought greasy food was supposed to go to your hips, not your head.  The artist either drew the picture while standing in front of a fun-house mirror, or had a stroke from ingesting too much chicken fat and lost control of his pen.  What does this sign say to you?  Eat our chicken and grow a bloated head?  Brrrr…

Taco Bell.  This one really creeps me out.  It’s bad enough we don’t
know if it’s real beef in the tacos, is it man’s best friend?  On a
positive note, I doubt taco bell would feed us chiwawa, it just doesn’t
make good business sense.  There’s a lot more meat per mutt on a st.bernard or a rottweiller.   Misleading or ridiculous?  How about downright spooky!

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