Freezing, Fat cats, Foolishness and more!

On nights like this, when the wind howls and rattles the windows.  When the

holy sheep its cold!

weatherman’s teeth clack and chatter while he tells you it’s -33 with the wind.  When you turn on the shower and it snows.   When your dogs can’t stand still while doing their ‘business’ because it turns to ice before it hits the ground.  When you come in the house and it feels warm in front of an open refrigerator door.  That’s when you feel like saying “Global warming my a$$!”

This week an enourmous house cat was dropped off at the Fredericton SPCA.  Tiny the

wonder if this fat cat used to be in politics...

tabby weighed in at just over 30lbs.  The staff has no idea who dropped off the cat, but if they can put two and two together they should have no problem figuring out why the cat was dropped off.  The person who owned it was probably being eaten out of house and home.  Who lets their cat get that heavy in the first place?  Were they fattening it for the deep-freeze and then had second thoughts?  The SPCA estimates it will cost at least four dollars a day to keep Tiny in canned food until they figure out a proper diet for him.  Here’s a diet for you Tiny.  All the mice you can eat in a farmer’s barn.  If you can catch them that is…

The auditor general is not pleased with Shawn Graham.  Apparently he proceeded with a

shawn graham demonstrating how fat his wallet is from being premier

public-private partnership to build two schools without proper evaluation and the legislature’s approval.  So what?  He also tried to trade NB Power for a bag of hockey pucks, gave Robby Tozer a winning power ball lottery ticket that we have to pay for and ran up one of the highest deficits in our province’s history.  If someone in the private business sector acted like that they’d probably wind up in jail, but since he’s a politician he got his knuckles rapped and lost the election.  So who cares if bent the rules getting a couple of schools built?  Do us a favor and keep an eye on the premier who’s actually in power, David Alward.  There ain’t much sense telling us about a fire after the house has already burnt down.

Today I started working on a story.  A fiction that is probably going to bend some rules and

here we go again...

no doubt make some people angry with me.  Oh well.  The floodgate has been opened.  The idea had been banging around in my head for awhile, but I was a little nervous about tackling such a project.   Now that I’ve started, I know I’m going to see it through.  I guess to make it in this business you’ve got to be a little controversial and most non-fiction I’ve ever written for the media seems to end up in that catagory.  So hang on folks, here we go again!  In the meantime, check out my ebook “recession proof” at You can even read a chapter for free!  Too cool…

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