Michael Murphy, Irvings and other problems…

So I made it through the week.  Bumping, banging and crashing my way across the frozen ground in my big truck like a german tank in the dead of winter.  At least my knee didn’t fly all to flinders.  Between the freezing cold, the frozen ruts and a never-ending parade of sandwiches, I can’t remember the last time I’ve been so excited.  It’s a good thing I have to hold the steering wheel and the gearshift at the same time or I’d never stop clapping.  Yippee…

So Mike Murphy officially threw his hat in the ring.  He’s running for leader of the liberal

"can you say Atcon? How bout 70 million?"

party of New Brunswick.  Yawn.   Like we didn’t see that coming.  He wants to be premier even more than I want a seven figure book deal. Actually, I like Mike.  Before Shawn Graham caught the African sleeping sickness and was still premier of the province, he tried to trade NB Power for season tickets to the Montreal Canadians.  Good old Mike dropped him like a hot potato and resigned faster than you can say “I’ll be back!”  Of course the rest is history.  The liberals crashed and burned, Shawn started going to work in a semi-concious state and Mike has re-appeared smelling like a rose. Or has he?  Only time will tell.

Now we have to pay to use canadaeast.com, the Irving’s website that hosts the provinces

maybe this is the guy who decided we should pay for canadaeast, he seems quite creative!

newspapers.  I wonder which genius at Irving’s dreamed up that idea? It’s brilliant!  Just think, not only do you have to pay for their newspapers which are always a day behind, now you got to shell out more coins to read the same articles online which are also, surprise surpise, a day behind.   Sounds like a money maker to me.  Maybe someone should remind them that there are other websites out there that report the news for free.  As it actually happens.  And the last time I checked most people can get the news on their radios and televisions…for free!  Poor old K.C. Irving must be doing somersaults underground.

Finally I got interviewed about my newly-released ebook this week.  It was great!  Sarah

'Recession Proof'

Butland is a fellow New Brunswicker who is also a great writer and blogger.  You can see what she’s up to anytime @ www.sarahbutland.com. Thanks again Sarah.  And thanks to everyone who bought my ebook.  The support I received from all of you has been so overwhelming that I’ve decided to get a book out in paperback real soon.  If you still haven’t got a copy of my ebook ‘Recession Proof’, you can get one here @ www.amazon.com/dp/B006R6BDHU .  And thanks again eh!

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2 Responses to Michael Murphy, Irvings and other problems…

  1. Bev says:

    hey Jason,
    I’m really enjoying reading your post every week. Glad to hear your knee recovered
    enough to get back to work, but keep up the writing, it’s got to be a better job! Let
    me know when your book is in print. I can’t wait to read it.

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