Make Christmas a Secret

After a flurry of flying paper, ribbons and bows, the presents have
been opened.  A couple of very happy girls indeed.  Now a turkey with all the trimmings is being cooked to perfection.  We will eat, drink,  enjoy each other’s company and admire the gifts under the tree.  For sure we’ll all think about how lucky we are.  Or will we?

I think Christmas should’ve been kept a secret.  Not the true meaning of the holiday, the birth of Christ gives hope to people all over the world who need it most.  As I write this essay, celebrations are  occuring about the globe, church services, gatherings and prayers by people of many faiths, giving thanks to their creator.  Christmas gives a gift to people who need it most; hope.  That’s not the secret I’m talking about.

I wish the tradition of giving gifts and celebrating with food and
drink was a secret more sacred than the vows of monks and masons.  It hurts me to no end thinking of children around the world who wake up on the 25th and have no gifts to open, maybe nothing to eat as well. I see videos on the internet poking fun at the poverty stricken, “Santa don’t like poor folks” and others that are just as humiliating for the down trodden.  How must children feel when their friends tell them what Santa brought them and they have nothing?  It must be heartbreaking.

Of course, there’s no keeping a secret like this.  It’s been going on
for generations, centuries actually.  I just wish there was a way to
fix it.  Even if we were all to donate across this great land of ours,
to make sure every child had a gift to open and a hot meal, it wouldn’t help across the oceans.  It’s almost too big of a chasm to leap, requiring an effort of global proportions.

I doubt any of the corrupt childrens’ organizations
would help.  I was totally sickened by them recently when I was
watching an episode of Barrett Jackson automobile auctions on television. A  group that helps injured veterans were on the program raising money for their cause.  They proudly stated that almost 90% of the funds generated go directly to the injured and their families.  It made my blood boil.  Most children’s organizations keep around
90% of the funds and the kids who need it receive around 10%.  It’s

So can it be done?  Is there a way to bring happiness to those who
need it most?  Can we reach out to the children of the world and give
them a christmas?  I’d like to think so.  Otherwise we better start
keeping our celebrations to ourselves. Nothing breeds hate like
poverty, especially when poverty can see in it’s rich neighbor’s
window.  If any of you have some good ideas on how to tackle this
enormous problem, please leave comments and share with all of us.
Until then, Merry Christmas everyone, Shhhh!

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