Fire the Bum!

Last week I said the conservative’s free vote on the shale gas issue
would be a real shemozzle for the tory mla’s…and I was right. 
Instead of voting with their constituents, they opted to side with the
gashole.  That being said, it shows the true colors of most politicians.  They’re more concerned with their own careers than the wishes of the voters who put them in office in the first place.  I guess those same voters need to switch them out at the nextelection…

In my own riding, things are even more disturbing.  I live in former
premier Shawn Graham’s stomping ground.  Being in opposition, he
could’ve voted nay along with the rest of his party members, had he
even bothered to show up.  The truth is, Mr. Graham rarely goes to
work at all since the last election.  He has one of the worst if not
the worst absentee record of any mla in the whole province.

I got a real problem with this.  I supported Shawn in the last
election, publically and at the ballot.  He lost, but so what? It happens.  After the dust settled he opted for a backbencher position
so he could devote more time to his riding.  Or so we all thought. Turns out he wanted to devote more time to himself.  The whole thing burns my butt, the more I think about it.

So now I want my money back, or my vote back, or something like that.  If I don’t show up for work on a regular basis, you can bet your
last dollar I’ll be fired.  So why can’t we fire Shawn?  I think our electoral laws need to be  amended, so that if your mla doesn’t
work a minimum amount of days they can be canned automatically.
After all, it is our money.  And we’re paying him a huge salary to
do absolutely nothing.  How I’d love to be sitting behind a huge
desk like Donald Trump and say “Shawn, you’re fired!”

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One Response to Fire the Bum!

  1. J A Macdonald says:

    right on,you will never have fair representation as long as your member is worried about getting relected

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