Doctor hater…Panty Raider….Fracking Later!

Well, what a week it’s been.  I’m slowly recovering from my mauling at the hospital but I’m not convinced that I’m healing up properly.  The procedure was supposed to stop the cracking in my knee, but it’s still snap, crackle, popping like the doctor injected it with rice crispies.  I’m really hoping the surgery was a success, cause if it isn’t I may need medication for my head as well as my knee.  I guess if it drives me totally nuts, I  might as well get into politics…

New Brunswick news headlines have been dominated this week by a crackpot who’s been stealing women’s undergarments and sex toys in south-eastern New Brunswick.  The number of residences razed has reached 16 and counting.  The whole thing doesn’t make any sense to me.  For one thing, I couldn’t imagine anyone wanting to steal my boxers, unless they needed them to make a flag or a kite, or something like that. And what’s the point of stealing the panties anyway?  To me, that’s like breaking into a store and stealing the wrappers off of the chocolate bars.  With any luck they’ll catch this weirdo soon and have him behind bars.  I doubt once he’s in the can he’ll get laundry duty!

On Saturday more than 600 people showed up in the province’s capital to protest hydro-fracking. They marched, gave speeches and let the government know that they don’t want this controversial method of gas extraction going on in their communities.  Will our elected officials listen?  Don’t count on it.  They’ve got fracking on the brain.  This is where I have a real problem with politics.  Parties are elected by the people to run the province in their best interests.  Is hydro-fracking in our best interest?  Public opinion says no.  So why not have a vote on it? It’s our province, our resources, why can’t we have the final say if fracking is to take place here or not?  Let’s have a referendum on this issue and resolve it once and for all.

Saturday night I managed to drag myself to the porcupine lodge for the annual hunting

"Brooks and Dumb strike again!!"

party. Lucky for me my brother was willing to come with me, in case my broken-down carcass couldn’t make the journey.  It was a blast.  Good food, great company and some pretty funny music courtesy of my brother and yours truly.   Many famous criminals have become even more famous in song, like Robin Hood, Billy the Kid and The Bandit, just to name a few.  Well, the next one is on the verge of being recorded.  Just wish we could’ve came up with a catchier name than the panty raider…

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