Let it snow…somewhere else!

Here we go again.  I haven’t complained much about the government lately, not because

The right honorable gashole...

they have gotten smarter.  Far from it.  The truth is, my hectic work
schedule hasn’t allowed me to blog as much as I’d like, so I’ve been
writing about things that are more important to me than a bunch of
elected morons.  Until now.  Our geniuses in Fredericton have decided
that a good way to save money is to cut back on snow plowing.

I wonder if David Alward
has a degree in meteorology, or a direct line to Mother Nature
herself.  Cutting the provinces fleet of snowplows by five percent
will save the province about four million per year.  If it snows five
percent less than it usually does.  Hmmm.  Even if he did save the
four million, our province’s defecit has reached an unthinkable TEN
BILLION DOLLARS!  By saving four million a year he should have it paid off in about 250 years, give or take a couple of decades.

Maybe he’s hoping after
fifty years or so it doesn’t snow much thanks to global warming.  Or
so many of us will have moved out west there will be less roads to
plow.  I’m just wondering what happens if it snows more this winter
than it did last winter.  Fewer plows will have to be on the roads
longer, meaning they will require more repairs and the fewer men left
to operate them will have to work more overtime.  The four million’s
disappearing pretty quick Davie!

I think our politicians
should be required to take a common sense test before they’re allowed

Two geniuses fighting for provincial supremacy...

to take office.  Our last premier gave 50 million of our dollars to
Atcon which was sinking faster than the titantic, then tried to trade
NB Power with Quebec for some maple syrup and a few plates of
poutine.  Now our current moron-elect is allowing fracking to take
place here, even thought the majority doesn’t want it and thinks he
will save money by cutting snow plows in a province that gets more
than its fair share of snow and storms.  Hello!  I’m starting to see
a pattern here.  Can’t anyone with any brains take up politics?  It’s
like we’re hiring monkeys to guard the bananna display at the
supermarket.  God help us!

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