Run to the hills!

Surgery.  A small little
word that can strike fear into the hearts of the most rugged and

real men, like Chris, aren't afraid of bears

able-bodied men. Country born and bred guys like me aren’t afraid of
much.  We don’t mind getting chilled to the bone in the forest,
banged and bruised cutting firewood, or busting our knuckles trying
to fix a broken radiator, but say words like surgery, female hygenic
products or prostate exam and most of us will be running for our

Well not me.  I’m having

looks like fun...not!

knee surgery in a week or so and I’m not nervous.  Much.  As a matter
of fact I’m quite excited about the whole thing.  I’ve found out that
they won’t be putting me to sleep, instead they’re just going to
freeze my leg and then cut into it.  Whew!  Is it just me or is the
room spinning?  I seem to be light-headed all of a sudden.  Where was
I?  Oh yeah, so the doctor will be cutting cartlidge out of my knee
in hopes that it’ll stop cracking and snapping like breakfast cereal.

It all started when I
somehow managed to tear the ligaments in it 3 different times.  Doing
brave, manly things like upsetting a motorcycle.  Being reckless on a
job site.  After the last time my knee started working more like a
garden hose than a joint.  It kind of goes wherever it wants to.  I’m
guessing one more accident with it and I’ll be able to tie my boot
without bending over cause it’ll move in any direction I want.  Of
course, just standing normally will probably be a challenge.

So bring it on.  I can
take it.  It’s just a routine procedure. Having my appendage hacked
while I get to watch.  Suddenly I’m having a flashback of my
vasectomy.  The doctor and nurse had a conversation about where they
were going to eat lunch while they…good lord!    But at least I’ll
have some time off afterwards.  On crutches with no pay.  Oddly
enough, now I feel like strapping on a knee brace and running for my
life… I’ll keep you all posted.

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One Response to Run to the hills!

  1. Nancy says:

    Best of luck,with your surgery,and recovery..hope this will give you time,for more writing…

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