Hunting a##holes!

Last month I wrote about

proud hunters? or nature destroyers?

hunting moose with my father and brother.  It was one of the nicest
experiences I’ve had in a long time and wanted to share it with
everyone.  I must say the responses I’ve gotten about it have been
fantastic…for the most part.  I’ve received e-mails, a hand written
letter and too many compliments to count about it.  That makes me
feel really good.  When people are so touched by something I’ve
written that it makes them want to tell me about it, I know I’ve done
my job well.

Unfortunately, there are
always going to be some morons who have a problem with hunting.  To
my dismay I received a few negative comments about killing a wild
animal.  Surprise, surprise.  These watchdogs of the wild can be put
into two groups.  First there are the armchair environmentalists.
These people are the ones who will cry foul about hunting while they
are swilling down a bucket of chicken from a local take-out.  I guess
they hate the thought of someone killing an animal that had a chance
to get away, but have no problem eating one that was stuffed in a
cage for its entire life. I like these people.  Not only are they
hypocrites, they’re clueless as well.

Then there are the
drum-beating vegetarians.  They will tell you that it’s a sin to eat
any animal, whether it was wild or not.  They claim to be different
than the armchair environmentalists, that they really are making a
difference.  They are.  I’m guessing they’re even worse.  Their
pursuit of protein that comes from plants has caused more damage to
the environment than any hunters ever could.  Don’t believe me?
Check out greenpeace.  They claim land cultivation for soy production
is destroying the rainforest in South America and causing damage here
as well.  Forests are cut down, then turned into soy farms.  We took
one healthy animal in its own habitat.  I wonder how many die when
their habitiat is turned into a soy field?

The truth is, no matter
what lifestyle you decide to lead, whether it be a sportsman,
neutral, vegetarian or whatever, there are going to be consequences.
Anyone who tells you their habits have no impact on nature are either
crazy or looped up on some sort of narcotics.  It just isn’t possible
not to leave a footprint of some kind.  I’d hoped in the twenty first
century we’d have have enough common sense and courtesy to respect
other people’s lifestyles, but I guess it isn’t possible.  In defence
of me and my kind, we’re not blood-thirsty killers; any day in the
wilderness is a success, whether an animal is taken or not. But
apparently some of you will never get it.  So in closing, I’ll be
like those of you who point the finger.   “ How many vegetarians
does it take to fill a shower?  I don’t know, they keep slipping down
the drain!”

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One Response to Hunting a##holes!

  1. paratodostodo says:

    if you hunt to eat, it is normal. if you hunt for joy, you are a psycho. thats the difference. dont forget… REAL MEN are kind to animals! greeting from greece

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