Regulator, Dentist hater, and more…

The beard is back.  For a
couple of reasons.  First of all winter’s coming and I’m expecting it to be a long and cold one.  Gotta keep my face warm.  And I’m just too lazy to shave.  Might as well be honest about it.  Really, if it wasn’t going to be so cold I’d shave my head so I wouldn’t have to bother combing my hair.   Hehe okay, maybe I’m not that lazy.  But some people are…

Like the bums that have
invaded Moncton.  I swear to God it’s getting ridiculous.  It seems
like at every intersection there’s some nutbar with a sign and his
hand out.  They’re on the streets, the sidewalks, even running the
province.  Oops, I’m getting off topic here.  I’m afraid it’s just a
matter of time before one of them gets run over.  What a horrible way
to make money, darting in and out of traffic.  Wait a minute, that
sounds like my job.  Maybe I should park the truck and join them.
They all have signs that say things like, “In a desparate place”
and “anything helps”.  What should I put on mine?  How bout “too
lazy to steal”?

Most of the stuff that
comes out on the radio these days gives me heartburn.  There’s

Chris slamming the bass!

nothing I hate worse than talentless hacks who make it big singing
songs that other people wrote and then can’t even perform them live.
Ever been at a concert where the cd skipped?  Not so uncommon these
days.  Lucky for me my brother Chris has joined a band called
Regulator.  They write, perform and even record their own songs.
There’s nothing fake about these guys, they’re the real deal.  I’d go
so far as to say they’re awesome!  Wonder if they need a roadie?You can check out their website and even download some tunes from here.

This week wouldn’t have
been complete unless I’d caused my self some kind of grief.  Another
trip to the dentist took care of that.  I got a cleaning and a cap
repaired.  The cleaning was a scary experience.  I could only sit
back in horror as the hygenist went to work on my mouth with several
tools that I’m pretty sure came from Princess Auto or a fisherman’s
coop.  First she buzzed my molars with a belt sander, then picked at
them with some sort of hook that I think the janitor used for picking
up paper in the parking lot.  Really, going to the dentist must be
alot like going to a brothel.  You get up close and personal with
complete strangers, then when you see the bill you know you’ve been

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