Fracked up weekend!

This weekend I had great
intentions of getting a lot of work done.  There’s wood to be split
and piled, my atv needs a new wheel bearing and I have a lot of stuff that needs to be put away before the snow( shudder!) arrives.  Well, the showers that showed up Friday night washed those plans away. So instead of piling wood in the rain and risk having my neighbors call
the psyche ward on me, I had to improvise.

I started by surfing some
news web sites.  Apparantly, it’s not me who needs a trip to the

Premier Alward showing the legislature how long his attention span is

rubber room, it’s our frack-happy premier David Alward.  He’s sunk to a new low by promising to fight poverty with revenue generated by hydro-fracking.  I’m guessing he’s hoping we feel guilty enough to let him go through with the gas exploration so poor kids can have free dental and optical care.  The rest of us don’t need optical care to see how lame this is.  You want to help poor people Mr. Premier?
Get rid of your jet and the fleet of mla’s cars and put the money
directly to helping the underpriveleged. The only thing fracking will
help is help the province’s kids leave New Brunswick when there isn’t
any clean water left to drink…

Next I went over a novel
I’d written a little while back.  I’m really stuck with this one.  My
novel was approved by a publisher to be sent out to the staff’s
readers.  That’s the last hurdle of getting published.  Anyway, it
didn’t pass the final test.  Yet, I can’t find out from them what
needs to be tweaked to get it over the last hump.  I’m so close, I
can practically taste the ink…  If anyone out there knows what I
should do next, please let me know before I smash my computer and
wind up in treatment with Mr. Alward.

Finally, I guess a career
change is on the horizon.  Saturday night I wound up in a nightclub
that had some unique entertainment.  Instead of a band or a musician,
they hired a guy with a karaoke machine and he sang along with it.
Poorly.  And they paid him!  Don’t be confused, this wasn’t a karaoke
party, no one was allowed to sing but him.  Sign me up.  I think my
daughters have an old karaoke machine somewhere.  I’ll get it going,
yowl like I dropped a hammer on my foot and make a bundle.  My
Grandfather Bud used to say ‘if you want to make a lot of money, sell
people something they don’t need.’  How about making them pay for
entertainment that they can’t stand?  If I hadn’t seen it, I wouldn’t
have believed it.  That’s all for now, I have to practice

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One Response to Fracked up weekend!

  1. Nancy says:

    I had the same reaction,as you,Jason,to Alwards’ baiting us with “we will use the monies from fracking,to give dental care to the poor”….carrot and the stick, is what I thought,at first..
    A mayor,from Texas,is coming to Richibuctou,at the end,of Oct. describing how shale gas negatively affected his community,,,,don’t know,if you have heard about this,but I think,we can all learn a lot more,than we know already.

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