Summer’s over eh!

Summer’s over eh?  Blah.
The frost was proof of that.  A few sunny warm days, a whole lot of

I had to look twice at this picture...

wet ones and that’s it. It was almost as brief as Premier David
Alward’s positive approval rating.  What happened?  Oh not what
happened to the Premier, he’s a shmuck.  I mean what happened to
summer?  I only got to the beach a couple of times and boating once.
There’s nothing like a couple of wet months to make it seem like it
never happened.  No sense moaning about it, there’s always some cool
stuff to do in fall.  Like…

Hunting Season
Dad got his moose license this year.  That’s like winning the

hope he get's a bigger one than this...

lottery.  Seriously.  I’ve never had it once, even though I’ve
applied a lot of times, including this year.  So the frost was a good
thing.  Nothing like a blast of cold air to get the moose in the mood
for a little romance.  With any luck Dad will be able to do a good
impersonation of love-struck antlered beast (imagine that!) with his
caller and we’ll all be dining on one of the tastiest wild games
there is.

pretty round here
– You’d be
hard pressed to find anything as nice to look at as the leaves of

somebody has too much time on their hands

hardwood trees when they change colors.  Shades of reds, oranges and
yellows paint the forest in a way no artist could hope to duplicate.
Even if you don’t care for hunting, a hike through the woods or even
a drive in the country is a real pleasure in the fall.  We’re blessed
to live in such a place.

of things change
– Asides from
the weather getting colder, there’s a few changes I like about the

A New Brunswick Politician making a point?

fall.  Like no more mowing the damn lawn.  Parliaments usually resume
which means a whole new season of our elected officials putting their
feet in their mouths.  Fun for me anyway.  School starts.  Not fun
for the kids, right Alisha?  We’re lucky in New Brunswick.  Four
seasons, always something new on the horizon.  Now get out there and
enjoy it!

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