Going Fracking Crazy!!!

Some things are next to
impossible.  For instance, trying to make peace in the middle east, eradicating world poverty and blogging while your daughter and niece are watching “The Vampire Diaries” or  “Jersey shore”.  What are the odds of me actually liking those two programs?  If I ever do
it’s a safe bet that I’ve been nailed in the head by a two-ton rock
at work.  Anyways, on to new business…

Hydro – Fracking (the
process of extracting natural gas from deep in the earth while
polluting everyone’s water at the same time)  has been temporarily derailed in New Brunswick.  Yahoo!  However, I have no doubt that if their seismic testing turned up any sizeable gas deposits they’ll be back.  So we’ve got to keep the pressure on our gas-happy provincial government.  By now most of us have noticed that Premier David Alward
ain’t the sharpest tool in the shed.  But if the protests are big
enough even a tool like him can’t ignore them.  On September 17th at noon in Moncton a peaceful march and protest will be taking place. It starts at 250 Assomption blvd and ends at city hall.  Bring signs, your kids and lots of antacids in case any of our gassy politicians show up.  And check out www.banfrackingnb.ca

It’s bad enough that
William and Kate (the newly-wed royal do nothings)  came to Canada on our dime, but now there’s going to be a documentary about it.  Let me be the first to say “Who cares!”  James Burge, a film producer is working on a documentary about the first six month’s of the couple’s marriage.  I can’t imagine what this movie could be good for except maybe curing insomniacs or making captured terrorists talk by forcing
them to watch it.  “I say Kate!  The whole world’s looking at your
knickers!  God save the queen!”

Just when I think I’ve
heard it all, something even crazier happens.  U.S. Homeland security has been denying Canadians who suffer from mental illnesses from entering the country.  More than a dozen people have complained to the Psychiatric Patient Advocate office in Toronto about their being blocked from entering the U.S.A..  Good Old Uncle Sam insists this is
a way of keeping their nation safer but if you ask me they’re just
trying to cut down on the nuts they have already inside their
country.  God knows if allowed to enter, the first thing they’re
going to do is join the largest group of mentally ill people on the
face of the earth, the republican party…

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