Hurricane Irene, Ste. Marie’s Fair, and more!

My hands are shaking so bad I can
barely write this.   As hurricane Irene bears down on us, my nerves
are shot… I’m thinking I should barricade the doors and windows,
maybe hook up the dogs with some long lines and anchors.  Hehehe.
You gotta love the weather network.  They need ratings just like
every other station, so they sure pour it on thick when there’s a
storm coming. They even had a guy reporting from the water’s edge as
the storm made landfall in the USA.  Poor fellow was being tossed
around like he was on a wild circus ride. Fifteen minutes of their
channel and I’m almost convinced my house will take flight before the
day’s over.  Stay tuned…


I took in the agriculture fair at St.
Marie de Kent this weekend.  It was a great time.  I love the horse
shows and this year was better than ever.  Why you ask?  Wendy
Lawson’s drill team of course.  Drill teams A and B performed and did
a great job.  For those of you who haven’t seen a drill team perform,
it’s a lot like the RCMP’s musical ride.  Wendy deserves a lot of
credit as her leg is still on the mend.  It’s amazing to see what
some dedicated young ladies can do with animals when their coach is
as dedicated as them.  Great work girls!


It wouldn’t be me if I didn’t complain
about something.  I like a good gamble as well as the next fellow,
but if you were one of the unlucky ones to try the wheel on the
fairgrounds, you would’ve been better off to bet on Shawn Graham in the last election.  The wheel (shown here)  was so crooked if you put it on a bicycle, you’d have to turn right to go left.  Nice to know
some things don’t change.  I’ll never stop telling it like it is, and
carnies will continue to be light fingered.  (actually, that’s a nice
way of putting it).


Finally, Alisha and Breanna did their
part in keeping the local economy booming by going on the zipper a gazillion times.  I just can’t see fun in being whipped around and
turned upside down over and over.  Maybe they should work for the weather network when they grow up.  They’ll be all prepared for hurricane coverage, and they’ll get paid for it.  After this weekend, my wallet will vote for that!





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