I’ve failed more than a
few tests in my day.  Just ask any of my high school teachers.  Not
because I’m completely clueless, but more likely because I was,
ahem…distracted.  That’s a good word for it.  Anyway, that’s
nothing new for a young fellow who’s acting up, but how does a rock
fail a test?  Apparently if its too soft, brittle, etc it will not
meet government standards for certain projects.  I say phooey!

This week we hauled rock
out of a quarry to a job site, then we found out that the stones
failed the government test.  I’ve been around this racket long enough
to recognize a scam when I see one.  A few years ago a quarry’s rock
failed the test for the job I was working on.  A government employee
explained to me that the rock was too soft.  I asked him if he’d like
me to drop one on his head to see how soft it really was.  He just
gave me one of those looks.  (as you can imagine, I get them quite

I’m guessing it’s not so
much about how hard or soft the rocks are, more like someone’s palms
aren’t getting greased.  A quarry that I hauled crushed rock out of
had a pile of several thousand tons fail a government test.   Instead
of hauling the stuff away, the staff just left it there.  Suddenly,
it was approved and ready for use.   Did it cure itself?

There was an asphalt job
last year that got halted partway through because the asphalt failed.
I was mortified.  I had visions of the black top curling up like a
bunch of orange peels.  Or maybe it was too soft and we’d all be
stuck in it.  Miraculously, neither happened.  By the next day the
spreaders were going again, and they didn’t even bother to remove the
pavement that was condemned.  Did it cure itself as well?

I can’t prove my theory
that people are being bribed and quarry owners are having cash
extorted from them.  Cause let’s face it, no one involved would be
crazy enough to tell me.  But it’s happening, I’m sure of it.  And
there ain’t a damn thing I can do about it.  I just think it’s a
shame that in 21st century Canada crooked stuff like this
still goes on.  That being said, maybe I’m the one who’s nuts.
Instead of a rock hauler, I should’ve been a rock tester….Not!

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2 Responses to

  1. brenda says:

    i love your blog, and nice pic of you…sweet!

  2. hitthelites says:

    just a follow up note, less than 2 business days after we were kicked out of the quarry, we’re back in it! Using the rock that was deemed unfit. I rest my case!

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