Sailing, swimming, and being silly…

lots of boats, it's just like an aquatic highway!

Summer ain’t been around
much this year eh!  But it did show up this weekend.  Lots of
sunshine and hot weather made it the perfect time to go boating.
There’s nothing like being on the water with family and friends to
recharge one’s batteries after a long week at work.  If you’re
heading out on the mighty Richibucto River, there’s lots of cool
stuff to see.

Like kids in tubes.

Alisha and Breanna hanging on for dear life!

Seems like everyone pulls their kids up and down the river on tubes
behind their boats.  We were no exception, we gave Alisha, Breanna,
Ryan and Eryn lots of rides.  The smiles on their faces told us they
were having a ball.  I would’ve given it a try, but I was afraid our
day would’ve been cut short once the tube sank and the boat’s engine
died a horrible death trying to tow me…

boat that isn’t finished
.  Okay, maybe I’m just being

nice boat, where the rest of it???

petty, but I still can’t get my head around this.  It’s supposed to
represent a sailing ship from long ago, but to me it looks like a
small sheep corral with a fancy flag pole.  Maybe next year we can
get some planks and board it in so at least it looks like it could
float.  If not, I know where I can keep some lambs if I ever buy

is good!
Tis the season,

lobster boats tied up, wish they'd been giving out free samples...

lobster season that is.  Once you get down towards the sleepy fishing
town of Richibucto, you can play dodge the lobster trap bouy with
your boat as they seem to be everywhere.  Getting your propellor
entangled in a line is quite annoying, but if you think about how
good fresh, steamed lobster with butter is, you’ll soon forget all
about it.  If the traps weren’t there, there’d be no lobster to eat.

Sadly, like all good things my boating trip came to an end much too
soon.  It was a great day, and the only way it could’ve been better
was if everyone who is near and dear to me could’ve been there.
Maybe next time…

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