It could’ve been worse…

Today was a pretty
interesting day on the province’s highways.  For starters, some guy
lost a lawn tractor off of the back of his truck.  That’s right.  A
lawn tractor.  Apparently they are not built for high velocity
impacts, because it was pretty well wrecked.  I would’ve paid big
bucks to see the look on the owner’s face when he looked in the
mirror and saw his mower flipping end for end at 110 kilometers per hour.  You can’t put a price on that kind of entertainment.

Also, some kid came down a
side street too fast on a bicycle and cut right in front of my
tractor – trailer.  Not a good idea.  Lucky for him the road was wide and I was able to swerve or he would’ve been a permanent part of my grill.  The little bugger wasn’t even wearing a helmet.  Not that it would’ve done him much good, all the pads in the world couldn’t have saved him if he’d been much closer.  He was so close to the side of
my truck I could’ve counted the freckles on his head.

Actually, neither one of
these events are very funny.  (Okay, the lawnmower episode is a
little..).  But that wouldn’t have been funny either if a person had
been on the shoulder of the road when it came bouncing by like a
basketball.  Someone could’ve been killed.  And as for the kid on the bike, after it was over I shook for a good ten minutes.  That was
just too close.

When you’re hauling
something, make sure it’s secured properly.  At the very least,
you’ll save yourself a bunch of money by keeping your cargo from
being splattered all over the asphalt.   Never mind all the
pedestrians you’ll be saving.  And parents, please educate your kids
about the dangers of the road. Remind them that trucks and cars can’t always stop on a dime.  We’ve all got to try a little harder to be
more careful on the roads.   There’s just too much at stake.

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