Tis the season…

Tis the season.  No it
ain’t Christmas, but for a certain breed of maritimer it must seem
like it.  Tis the season when people lug their garbage out onto the
lawn and driveway to try and sell it.  The whole concept is insane
when you think about it.  Selling clothes that aren’t new and
probably out of style, useless stuff that is taking up space on the
shelves, and furniture that isn’t much good for anything.  It’s

Even crazier is the fact
that it works.  The minute the tables are set up on the lawn, people
come in droves, cutting each other off and rushing across the street
trying to get first crack at a wore out chair or someone’s used
socks.  I’ve even seen people waiting for the sale to start, like
they are at some boxing day event at a department store.  And it’s
always the same people.  I wonder what they do with the “treasures”
they’ve purchased.  Take them home and store them until they have
enough junk to have their own sale?

Maybe I need to change my
buying and selling habits.  I might be the one who’s nuts.  I like to
buy vehicles and equipment, then sell it for a profit.  Instead of
having potential clients hum and haw over the price of a nice truck
while they kick the tires, I could watch them fight over a cracked
tea set or a 3 legged chair.  No more interntet advertising and phone
calls, I’ll just put a table or two on the lawn and watch the crazies
fight over dishes and bowls like they’re the last drop of water on
the face of the earth.

This weekend when I came
home I decided to mow the lawn.  Unfortunately, the mower had other
ideas.  I only made a few laps around the property when the motor
decided it was time to self-destruct.  Now I don’t have the money to
buy a new one, where am I going to find a bargain on a lawn tractor?
I wonder if there are any yard sales around today?  Oh god, listen to

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One Response to Tis the season…

  1. james says:

    maybe u shoud just get a goat

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