Dentists and the crabs…

I should’ve been a dentist.  I went to
see mine this week.  He made more money working on my mouth for
fifteen minutes than I’d make all day.  Of course, it was my mouth.
At first I thought he was charging me by the square meter or perhaps
he had to rent some mining equipment to work on my big yap.  I did a
little checking and discovered he was billing me the same as
everyone else.  Where do I sign up?  I already own a grinder, a drill
and have a few cans of bondo.  While I’m waiting to take my dentist
school entrance exam, I’ll keep complaining.  Here’s a couple for you


It’s not easy being a genius.  So I’ve
heard.  I wouldn’t know personally and I’m pretty sure Premier David
Alward doesn’t either.  As a matter a fact, I’d guess he’s on the
opposite end of the intelligence scale.  Why you ask?  Blowing a cool
million bucks on gps units for government cars doesn’t strike as a
very smart think to do.  However, I can see why he would.  I’m pretty
sure he has a warm spot for anything that will point him in the right
direction as he’s been totally lost ever since he took office.  That
being said, if he can’t figure out that taxpayers are not impressed
with this latest spending fiasco after so many services have been
cut, he’ll never find his way anywhere even if he had one strapped to
his head.


Hermit crabs are described as
crustaceans that attach themselves to a vacant shell to use as their
home.  They kind of remind me of the hundreds of campers and motor
homes that I saw on the highway this week.  Folks from all over
dragging their houses behind them.  However, if actual crabs were on
the roads I doubt they’d be as much of a nuisance as the idiots with
the condos on wheels.  It irks me to no end that I have to have a
special license to drive a tractor-trailer, yet any moron with a
class 5 can pull a mobile mansion, then swerve and sway all over the
road like he’s had a few too many cocktails.  Could someone in the
government please do us all a favour and make driver testing
mandatory for these things?   That would keep those that are unable
to drive in their homes instead of towing them.  And I wouldn’t be as






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One Response to Dentists and the crabs…

  1. Paul says:

    People hauling campers should be forced to drive on secondary roads if a 4-lane not available: they are extremely dangerous on the highway, especially with everyone trying to pass them!

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