As I travelled back and forth between
NS and NB hauling the same load over and over to the same
destination, I began to feel like I was trapped in a trucker’s
version of the movie “Groundhog day.”  Or a bit like some sort of
stone-toting migratory animal.  Back and forth.  It’s enough to make one question their sanity.  One thing’s for sure, being away for extended periods of time can take it’s toll on a person.  You miss people, special events.  When you’re gone you realize how much they mean to you.  And if you’re like me, you might realize a few other things;


Andy’s no dummy– When I first travelled through Coburg(between Aulac and Port Elgin) I saw the sign “Andy’s dummies, 10 kms”.  The title piqued my interest, as I thought this might be a place where I’d really fit in and maybe get a job that would be suitable for someone of limited abilities like myself.  Sadly, once I got a look at the place I realized they were actual dummies made out of javex jugs and other types of household containers.  It would never work.  I doubt I’d be any smarter than the rest of them, but I would be the only dummy that would get hungry.


So I did a little surfing on the web.  Turns out, Andy MacDonald the creator of the dummies, is no dummy himself.  Rather he’s an author of at least five books, been on the news and radio numerous times and could make a cat laugh if you gave
him the chance.  You can check out his website and samples of his
writing by following this link,


License plates tell all
They say you can judge a man by the car he drives.  Maybe that’s
true, but I can tell a lot more about by getting a look at his
license plate.  You don’t believe me?  Next time you’re travelling on a highway check out the car coming down the on ramp about to merge into traffic.  Chances are if it’s a maritime plate the driver will make sure you have lots of room and let you go by, even if you don’t have the right of way.  If the plate is from Ontario, they would no doubt run over their first born to get off the ramp in front of you.  Once on the four-lane they will dart in and out of traffic like they’re heading to the emergency room, then almost cause a pile up by pulling over to take pictures of a porcupine or a seagull.  Road rage anyone?


Things could be worse
I like to complain about being a trucker, but it could be worse, I
could be a flagger at a construction site.  I can’t imagine how
terrible it must be to stand there hour after hour in all types of
extreme weather while stopping irate drivers who are now extremely pissed because they’re going to miss getting a photo of some future road kill.  Although I’m glad I’m not flagging, I’m not crazy about trucking either.  So I’m going to better myself.  On the way home I bought myself a book, “Brain Surgery for dummies.”  I just hope Andy will let me practice on his dummies before I go to work on tourists from Ontario…





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