Strange days indeed!

Sometimes the world doesn’t make sense.
Friends or family suddenly fall ill and there’s nothing you can do
about it.  Then on the other hand I’m going for a medical procedure
tomorrow that I’ve been waiting for over a year to have and I’m not
sure I even need it.  (No, I’m not going for a brain scan, I already
know I fell short in that catagory.)  I’m getting an M R I for my
back, which I don’t think has changed in a long time.  It just seems
strange.  Sometimes everything does.  Take some of today’s news
headlines for example:


Insurance company ordered to pay
back $360 000 to New Brunswickers

Yowsers!  When I saw this I thought ”If I’m one of the lucky ones
getting some dough, I’m gonna splurge on something cool!”  Then I
read a little further and found out it’s being split amongst 14000
people.  About twenty five bucks apiece.  Even if I do collect I
can’t even buy dinner for two.  What’s even stranger is why they’re
being ordered to pay back such a paltry sum after they’ve made
millions in profit.  What’s the point?  That’s like telling me I
accidently got paid an extra month’s salary and my punishment is I
owe a kid on the street corner fifty cents.


The federal government stands ready
to end Air Canada Strike
– The
company’s workers haven’t even bolted from the barn yet and already
King Stephen is ready to jam them back into their pens like a rancher
with an electric cattle prod.  Don’t these people and their union
have the right to strike like Canada Post’s employees?  I guess
moving people is more important than moving the mail. Twenty years
ago the government might have ended the mail strike once their
paychecks didn’t get delivered, but in an age of online banking and
direct deposit, even the conservatives don’t care if their junk mail
is late.  Let me rephrase that; later than usual.


Robber on bike hits Saint John Bank
Could this really have happened?  A guy on a bicycle robs the Bank of
Nova Scotia?  And gets away?  I’m thinking he must have been an
ex-tour de France cyclist, or at least he was driving a mo-ped or
scooter.  The cops must feel some special, unable to catch him with
their high-powered police cruisers.  Next thing you know a fleet of
crooks on skateboards will be knocking over armoured cars.  And all I
can think is, ” Imagine what I could do with a set of roller
blades!”  Maybe with my twenty five bucks from the insurance
company… oh forget it.  I couldn’t even buy the laces!

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