High Speed Chases!

On Friday Barbara Sherman of Douglas,
NB got a nasty surprise when two escaped inmates from the Dalhousie provincial jail crashed onto her front lawn, after being in a high speed pursuit with police. The truck had swerved across both lanes and then crashed into a hydro pole before coming to rest in front of her house.  Police say the men were spotted in Fredericton and they chased them up the south side of the river, across the dam and back towards the city till the accident occured in Douglas.


According to National Highway and
Traffic Safety Association, about 360 people are
killed each year in the United States due to high speed pursuits, and about a third of those deaths are innocent bystanders.  I couldn’t find any Canadian statistics but it looks like we’re heading towards the same level of stupidity here.  The two men being chased in Douglas were not considered dangerous and were not being held in federal facility, so I doubt they were serial killers or mob bosses.  Actually, one of them was in jail for stealing a lawnmower, (a regular Al Capone). Regardless,  the cops thought it was a good idea to chase them until they caused an accident.  It’s just a miracle no innocent parties were hurt or killed.

Even worse than that, police routinely chase people for traffic violations.  Are the cops really willing to risk people’s lives over a speeding ticket or faulty signal lights?  I guess so.  I can’t imagine my kids being run over by someone trying to get out of a ticket, but it happens.  Why not just let the person go? If the police have their license plate number, charge them for the offence and for failing to stop.  They’ll show up in court when the Department of Transportation revokes their license, trust me.

And as far as more serious
crimes and criminals go, get a chopper in the air and follow them
with that.  They’ll stop eventually.  And when they do the helicopter pilot can radio their position.  Then go and pick them up.  Of course the RCMP will claim they don’t have the budget for this. I doubt King Stephen will want to pay for it, now that he’s on the route of ”fiscal reponsibility.”  And asking David Alward for more money for something important would be like asking the Pope for God’s phone number.  What’s it going to take to stop this foolishness?  More innocent lives?  I certainly hope not.

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