Lucky Tom’s Moose Hunt, the conclusion…

The mud flies in the air just like at one of them political conventions.
Between the breaking limbs and the blubbering fool on the ground I
ain’t sure which way to look.  One thing’s fer sure, that bull is
looking for a brawl, and the clown on the ground ain’t much of an

“Christ!”  I curses and scurries back down, I gots to save him.  I rush
over to his side, where he’s wallowing around in the mud like a bloated hog.  The moose is only a few yards away, crashing through the brush looking for the bull he was supposed to be fightin’ with.  In a flash he turns towards us.  I grabs the gun and nails ’em right
between the eyes.  He drops right there, long gone and no sufferin’,
jest the way I likes it.

Then I turns my attentions to Jerry.  “You okay?”
“Ach! Wook!  Poo!”  he says.
“Any bones broken?”  I says.
“No,” He hacks and wheezes.  “I swallowed my cigarette! My throat is on fire!”

Damn fool is lucky he still has a throat.  Or a head for that matter. I
gets him to his feet,gives him some water out of me flask, and checks
him for broken bones.  Lucky for him, fat makes a great cushion.  Jest
some bruises. “Well, ya got him.  Must a been on the second
shot.”  I lies.

He stares at the downed animal with wild eyes.  “Then how did it run
me over?”

“Oh they usually go on nerves for a minute or two before they falls!”
I says, trying not to smirk.

“But you shot it again, didn’t you?”
“Oh yes.” I says, “jest making sure he was dead.”

That’s good enough for him.  He starts whoopin’ and jumpin’ round like he just won the lottery.  Soon his chicken hearted pals comes back and they start dancing around the moose like it’s a disco ball.
“You did it Jerry!  Great shooting!”  His buddies tells him.
I jest smiles.  Who cares if he didn’t actually gets him?  I gots my
money, they gots their moose and no one got hurt.  Much…

So there you have it.  Another one of my tall tales.  I hope all of you
liked it, and thanks for the comments.  Keep ’em coming.

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3 Responses to Lucky Tom’s Moose Hunt, the conclusion…

  1. james says:

    hahaha! Just what i needed

  2. carol beers says:


  3. Jody says:

    Hahaha…….love it!

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