Blood Sucking Pests!

What a great blog yesterday!  I’m going to ask my sister to write more often, I think we’re quite a bit alike.  She hates facebook and I hate, well just about everything… Yesterday afternoon I decided to haul some firewood out of the forest.  It was nice out, a fair breeze was blowing, so it seemed like a good idea.  It was until I stopped to
take a break.  If you think the flies are aggressive around your back
porch, try hanging out in the brush.  I think they lifted me off the
ground a couple of times.  Being the curious type, I decided to do a
little research on these pests.  The three most common types are:


The mosquito, genus Davidus Alwardus-
This particularly nasty biter attacks in small swarms, sharing its
bloody bounty with its closest friends without giving a hoot about
the victim.  Its buzzing in your ears is a warning of how painful
things are about to get in the province’s woods(and everywhere else)  while it and its buddies get fat at your expense.  It’s lifespan is
about four years, or until everyone in New Brunswick runs out of
blood, whichever comes first.


The blackfly, genus Stephenus Harperus-
What an annoying bug this is!  It flies around the forest like it
owns it.  As a matter of fact, blackflies are the majority right now
in the brush.  They’re on the  ground, in the air, just about
everywhere you look. Even the other bugs don’t like them.  Whenever they get together to try and run them out of the forest, it backfires and they come back stronger than before.  It’s lifespan?  Perhaps they live forever, there doesn’t seem to be any getting rid of them.


The horsefly or deerfly, genus blocus quebecoisus- I really hate these things.  They’re huge, greedy and want everything all at once.  They bite with a ferocity that rivals an angry dog wanting the fire hydrant that belongs to everyone all to itself.  When they start buzzing around your head and you take a swing at them, they quickly split up.  One thing about this pest, it sure likes to separate.  It’s lifespan?  Luckily they don’t last too long.  A good midsummer rain, or when the weather changes in Quebec usually wipes them out.  Until next year…


Who’d a ever thought a politician could be compared to a blood sucking pest?  The only difference between the bugs and mp’s are that the bugs irritate us because they have to;  I think our elected officials actually like it.  It’s just too bad that bug spray doesn’t work very well on them.  Forget ‘skintastic’ or ‘deep woods’, when someone comes up with a spray that stops politicians in their tracks, I’ll be first in line to buy it.

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