Facebook? Or Fakebook…

My sister Jody Vautour, wears a lot of hats.  She’s a wife and mother of two very active teenage girls, is an ER nurse and is in the process of building a new house.  Somehow she managed to find the time to write a good rant for today.  I hope she does another one real soon.  Without further ado, here’s my sister Jody!

I was thrilled when my “ranter” sibling asked me to be a
guest writer on his blog. Thankfully, little brother gave me “carte
blanche” as far as topics go. You see, he is the political
science expert in the family. I, on the other hand, have almost zero
interest in politics. I see it as a necessary evil-and although i
enjoy reading Jason’s take on things-my own thoughts on the subject would be bland reading, at best. So, the only political injection I’ll give is this: Rick Mercer would make a darned fine Prime Minister……

Now for my rant:  ” Why I hate Facebook.”
Yes, you read it right. I’m sticking it to the “big gun” of
the internet. Now, I realize I’m in the minority. Facebook stats show a whopping 600 MILLION users worldwide! I will admit-when Facebook was hitting its’ peak popularity several years ago- I felt the pop culture pull in its’ direction and opened an account for several months.

It quickly became a love/hate relationship. Strangely and
surprisingly addictive, it seemed I was constantly sitting down at
the computer to make sure i wasn’t missing anything. And I felt a
little surge of joy each time a new “friend” was added.

But once the honeymoon facebook phase was over for me….I noticed a weirdness about the whole thing. Everyone (myself included) was projecting a facade/an image/a picture of a “perfect” life and family for the world to see. Perfect kids, homes, trips and
accomplishments…..and so I dubbed it “FAKEBOOK!”

Several weeks into my “Fakebook” journey, things really started to
go off the rails. Invitations to be “friends” were coming
from people I didn’t particularly want on my account: awkward!
I hesitated to put my children’s photos online for fear of hackers
(they’ve since done a fine job of plastering their pics on their own
accounts. What does Mom know, anyway?)

Then, I was bombarded with invitations to join groups. “Friends” were sending me “fake” bouquets and “fake”drinks from somewhere in the depths of the “net.” And then came the mother of alllunacy- I was invited to join “Farmville.” Hello
people….are we in grade 3? (oh, I feel all you Farmville fans
wanting to reach out and jab me with your pitchforks…..or maybe run me down with your “fake” tractors)

I couldn’t wrap my head around it- most of the population no longer takes the time to visit neighbours like previous generations did- but we have time to trade fake farms goods online and establish an ongoing “Internet Farm?” That’s when I shut her down…..said goodbye…..adios……

I don’t have anything to hide, but I don’t necessarily think the world needs to know if I’m cooking a chicken for supper or just got a haircut! My daughters’ can’t understand my opinion…texting and Facebooking are almost the sole means of communication for their generation….in fact they’ve developed “phonophobia.” The thought of actually making a phone call sets them into a panic like nothing else….. The more “social
networking” we do, the less social we become.

It is so engrained in this generation that it is second nature to “tell
all” on the net. When my girls show me a tally of 300+ friends
online, I laugh at them. There is no way you can have that many
“real” friends. I have a hard time maintaining a
relationship with 1/2 dozen pals in this busy life we lead.
The thing that troubles me the most, though, is the drinking, drug use, and bad behaviour all permanently documented for the world to see.

Sadly, there will come a day when many will regret this eternal
public record of poor decisions (and many probably didn’t want to
have the pic posted in the first place).
To be fair, I do think Facebook has it’s place….friends and relatives that live far away can keep in touch easily and sick and shut-ins can connect with others and hopefully feel a little less isolated.
As for myself, I want “Face to Face” contact…..I want to hold in my
hands and read a letter that was written especially for me from a
faraway friend.

I enjoy real friends coming over and bringing the photo album (and the kids in the pictures) with them.  I enjoy phone conversations when unable to get together with loved ones (at least the voice and the emotions are human).  I like the old ways of life (If Jason will give me more ”blog time” in the future, I can go on and on about why society was ”better off back then).

So in closing I’d like to wish you all a good day and ask you to reach out to someone  ”in person”  today.  They’ll be glad to see your ”face”.   Jason, thanks for having me on your blog…I enjoyed ranting!


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7 Responses to Facebook? Or Fakebook…

  1. james says:

    You make a good argument, but 600 million people can’t be wrong. or were a bunch of sheep.

  2. O J says:

    Great rant my friend.

  3. jason says:

    i’m just sorry i didnt invent it…rick mercer gets my vote too

  4. Jody says:

    re: James’ comment: As I said, I realize I’m in the minority (obviously)………but
    “600 million can’t be wrong?” Hey, 2 billion smoke cigarettes worldwide-just sayin’

  5. Great rant Jody! I’m for Rick Mercer too, and yes the world would be better off without fakebook!

  6. Brandi says:

    Well said, Jody. It also amazes me to watch a table full of teens texting frantically (although no one is talking to the person next to them) and when you ask them who they are messaging, they point to the person across the table from them!

  7. J A Macdonald says:

    You hit the nail right on ,good work Jody will look forward to hearing from you again,
    Tell Jason to watch out for the circle fly as they cant be fooled and any one that thought we had a good winter with very little frost in the ground that the grubs liked it too

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