Bye Bye Birch!

Well am I ever disappointed. In the winter I had written my birch tree off for dead. An ice storm pretty much flattened it out. Then lo and behold it came back to life, stood up like it had taken a couple of viagra and I was sure that it would be fine. Not the case. Sunday was very windy and when I got home it was lying down, pretty much broken in two. This time it really is dead. How depressing.

Life is like that sometimes. You think things are going along fine and suddenly they get derailed like the federal liberals after forcing an election. Take me for example. This winter my knee was working like the Alward government. It didn’t want to work at all, and when it did it was cracking about bad as my birch tree. Then I started riding a bicycle and it started to heal. The farther I went the better it got. I figured I had it made. Until I found out this week that I need surgery on it.

We all have episodes like this at one time or another. You think your health is fine, then you find out it isn’t. Someone who you care about says something hurtful. The car was working fine, then it breaks down and costs you a bundle. You bang your head against the wall and wonder, ”why me?” I could go on and on.

I guess if there weren’t some ‘downs’ then there wouldn’t be any ‘ups’. Failure and disappointment is a part of life for everyone. When life hands you lemons, make lemonade. I’m going to. Instead of whining about the impending surgery, I’m going to ask the doctor if he can replace my knee with a u- joint out of a car so I’ll be double jointed and won’t have to bend over to tie my boots. Even if he won’t, I’ll get better. I just can’t say the same about my tree. It’s heading straight to the crematorium in my basement. At the tree’s request there will be no visitation and instead of flowers, you can send donations directly to me…

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