Mike Murphy runs…or swims

So Mike Murphy wants to be the leader
of the liberal party of New Brunswick.  Surprise, surprise.  I’m
actually thrilled about it.  He’d make a great leader and possesses
characteristics that every leader needs to be a success in our
province.   He’s bouyant, knows how to keep his head above water no matter what, and I firmly believe he’s unsinkable.

Why all the references to H2O?  One thing history tells us is whenever a ship goes down the rats are the first ones overboard.  Not so long ago the S.S. Shawn Graham started
taking on water when it collided with the Great N.B. Power Reef and the Atcon sandbar.  Mr. Murphy was in the drink doing the dog paddle faster than you can say ”Rodents Overboard.”

Of course, he sited family reasons for quitting politics at the time.  I’m inclined to believe that response.  No doubt his family would’ve disowened him if he’d stuck up for the sale of our hydro company while  giving a multi million dollar present to Atcon at the same time.  One thing I know about Mike Murphy,   he’s no fool.  Which leaves me wondering if him and Brian Murphy are actually related, cause I’m pretty sure when it comes to smarts Brian landed in the shallow end of the gene pool.  Brian is the only MP in history that got elected, then said he couldn’t devote all his time to the people in his riding cause he was too busy being a lawyer.  Then he wonders why he lost his seat.

But I’m behind you Mike.  I’ll take
your swimming prowess over the flailing, splashing David Alward who’s cutting everything in the province but the kitchen sink, except for the wages of his buddies who were on his campaign bus.  It’s one thing to get while the getting’s good, quite another to blame all of your troubles on the previous government while your cohorts get fat at the trough.  Just remember Mike, it’s a long way upstream to becoming the Premier of New Brunswick.  But I know you can make it, cause you’ve already showed us how well you can swim…

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