It’s the weekend!

Friday at last. It’s been quite a week around here. This little beauty was born a couple of days ago at my parents’ farm. Another arrived since I took the picture. And there’s still more of them to come. For all you horse lovers out there who have been thinking about taking riding lessons, get in touch with Wendy Lawson. She’s a certified instructor and takes students of all ages. Come on out and give it a try, you won’t be disappointed.

For the last couple of days I’ve been working at my sister’s lot clearing out some trees. I’ve also been trying to get my balky lawn mower to get it’s act together and cut some grass. The landscaping has been quite enjoyable; trying to fix my mower, not so much. Seeing how it’s red, I’m beginning to think it’s a federal liberal mower, as it works about as good as they do right now. If I don’t get the kinks out of it pretty soon, I may do like the guys in the pic. Suppose my daughter will volunteer to help?

Pressure keeps mounting on the provincial conservatives to fire Michel Leger, who is getting a thousand dollars a day of taxpayers’ money to study insurance insurance claims. Mr. Leger has defended his appointment, saying that he is doing the province a valuable service and is getting quite tired of reporters hounding him about his paycheck. He does look tired. As a matter of fact, I’d say he’s yawning in this file photo.

Gilles Duceppe and Jacques Parizeau were all smiles during the campaign leading up to the federal election, but apparently things are not rosy between them now that the dust has settled. Parizeau claims that Duceppe had been the leader of the party for too long and that he was out of touch with Quebecers. Duceppe on the other hand, is convinced dragging out a has been like Parizeau into the public eye was a sign of desparation and hurt party support. Let’s just hope they don’t hurt each other…much.  Have yourselves a dandy weekend!

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One Response to It’s the weekend!

  1. Diane says:

    Nathan would love to see the horses..a little young for riding I guess 😉

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