Ashley’s lawnmowing adventure!

This afternoon I got a terrible fright.
I was working outside and I noticed something bright up above.

It wasn’t a ufo, or a drone from the
US military, it was actually the sun.  What a pleasant surprise it
was.  The birds were singing, the horses were running around the
pasture, and the grass on my lawn jumped three inches in about
fifteen minutes.

I thought things usually work better
after they have a rest.  I know I do.  Apparently this is not the
case with lawnmowers.  You’d think after a long winter’s nap the
machine would be ready to tear up the grass like a herd of half
starved goats.  Not my lawnmower.  It had about as much intention of
working as your average MLA.  The motor was running, the blade was
turning, but it refused to go ahead.  Upon examination I noticed one
of the belts that turn the wheels was worn out.  I guess it needs
replaced.  Or does it?

A couple of years ago I had a similar
problem and it wouldn’t go ahead.  I had two choices.  Either fix it
right away, or get creative and have some fun in the process.  I
chose the latter.  First I started the engine and turned on the
blades.  Then I pulled my atv up to the front of the lawnmower and
tied a tow rope to it.  I casually sauntered into the house and told
my daughter Ashley that I was going to tow the lawnmower off of the
lawn and needed her to steer it.

Being the good girl that she is, she
came out to help.  Once she got on the mower, I started towing it
round and round the lawn, cutting the grass.  She was not impressed.
The last place a teenager would want to be is on a lawnmower that’s
being hauled around at a high rate of speed by her lunatic father.
I’m sure she would’ve jumped off  if I hadn’t been going so fast.
Especially when cars started stopping on the side of the road to see
what the hell I was doing.  Her face was as red as the paint on the
hood.  So I guess I’ll change the belt this time, cause if I ask her
for help, I already know what the answer will be…

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One Response to Ashley’s lawnmowing adventure!

  1. Always a torment, out for fun, how long was she mad at you? hahaha

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