More rain…

This weather is getting downright depressing.  Everytime I get behind the wheel, the first thing I have to do is turn on the wipers and defog the winshield.  Everyone is complaining;  they can’t do anything  outside, their gardens are too wet, the lawn is too wet, everything is just plain old soaked.

One of these mornings, the sun is going to come out, the temperature will rise and everything will start growing like gangbusters.  Lawns will grow at an alarming rate, we will be using our mowers so often  that the ethanol in our fuel won’t even have time to gel in the tanks. The flies will come out, we’ll all need bug spray and sunscreen and everything will be back to normal.

At any given time on this planet a drought is occuring.  Crops wither and die.  Livestock struggles to find enough to eat, sometimes starving in the process.  Communities, even countries crack under the pressure of being unable to feed their people.  All citizens living in those conditions have only one thing on their minds; if only it would rain.

So don’t take it too hard that you might need an umbrella for a little while.  It will pass, soon you’ll be able to put away those rubber boots and rain coat.  Your gardens will grow wonderfully with all the moisture in the ground, and later on the stores and farmers Markets will be full of great local produce for everyone to enjoy.  You can’t  do anything about the weather, so be thankful that things will be  better very soon as we’ve gotten our share of the rain already.

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2 Responses to More rain…

  1. Hit the nail on the head again, Jason!

  2. Diane says:

    Plus it is a good excuse to stay in and watch a movie and eat pizza, without feeling guilty about not being outside! 😉

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