Premier Alward’s Magic Bus

I don’t have much experience with buses.  As a kid everyday I got on the big yellow bus that took me to school, and every day I wished it  would’ve taken me somewhere’s else. I knew riding a bus would get to my place of education, but I had no idea riding one could make you rich.

Lottery tickets and four leaf clovers be damned, the place to be in New Brunswick for barrels of money was David Alward’s campaign bus.  I already wrote about his pals that got government appointments for handing out buttons and shaking hands with people.  Well, that list keeps growing just like Pinochio’s nose.

Michel Leger was one of those lucky bus riders.  I’m not sure what his job was during the campaign, but now he’s getting a thousand dollars a day of our money to study soft-tissue injury claims.  A thousand bucks a day!  At the rate of pay I get to drive a truck, I’d only have to  work 66 hours a day to make a similar cheque as him. 

I wonder if Premier Alward thinks we’re all totally stupid.  With one  hand he’s been cutting services and raising taxes while making his  friends rich with the other.  I don’t need a thousand dollars a day to figure out a $2500 soft tissue injury cap ain’t worth a hill of
beans to anybody who’s been hurt in an accident.  The only thing this study is proving is more of us should’ve gotten on Mr. Alward’s bus. I know where I’ll be during the next campaign…

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