Osama and the pulp hook

The other day I was on the hunt for a pulp hook.  I knew I had one here somewhere, I’d used it last fall, then this spring it was a passenger in the back of my pickup for a while.  Well, it was missing.  I looked everywhere for it.  I even asked my Dad if I’d left it in his barn.  When I’d all but given up, I practically tripped over it in the yard.

Funny how things eventually turn up when you look for them.  Which is why it boggles me to no end how Osama Bin Laden could have been living less than a kilometer from Pakistan’s main military compound and no one noticed.  I’m pretty sure if I’d called in the army to find my pulp  hook they would’ve had no problem.  Could it be possible they knew he  was there all along?  This story gets stranger and stranger as it  develops.

Like the “fire fight” that supposely occured when the US military
stormed the compound.  At first we were to believe it was hard battle fought in close quarters.  Now it turns out, the world’s most wanted man didn’t even have a weapon.  Would it be too much to assume that the commandos had orders to shoot first and ask questions later?

I have no doubt the last thing the USA wanted was for Bin Laden to be taken alive.  Oh the stories he could tell.  About his former
coalition with them.  And how he managed to disappear like a whisp of smoke while George W. was in office.  So many mysteries that will never be brought to light.  The only thing I’m sure of is that he’s sleeping with the fishes, and a compound a stone’s throw from an army base is a lot easier to find than a pulp hook… Thanks for the cool picture Arlene!

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3 Responses to Osama and the pulp hook

  1. your favorite daughter says:

    see how much free time at school i have? hahah. see i gave u the idea for this one too from last night and are heated discution on how i believe bin laden is still alive, and personaly i still think hes alive, it makes sence! so, maybe i will make a my own blog, about how people really did go on the moon and how bin laden is still alive,, but then i would feel bad for stealing ur buisness. 😉

  2. jason says:

    maybe you could call your blog ‘alisha’s fairy tales’

  3. your favorite daughter says:

    even with that name, i would still get more hits then you.

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