I wonder what King Stephen is thinking about today?  Take from the rich and give to the poor?  Probably not.  Wondering how he’s going to deal with the new improved NDP and Jack Layton?  Perhaps.  Scrapping the gun registry?  No doubt about about it.

The sooner this clunker of an idea gets chucked the better.  Get rid of it.  This program has been a waste of
time and money from the get go.  The bottom line is it doesn’t work. As a hunter myself, I find it competely idiotic that I should register my weapons while criminals don’t.  I’d go so far to say that it’s  insulting.

I happened to catch a radio show that was debating the issue.  A
supporter of the registry said that it was an effective tool for
police officers who were about to enter a residence because they
could check the database to see if there were guns inside.

The reporter then made the comment, “So if there are no registered weapons present, the officers don’t take the same precautions as they would if there were registered weapons inside?”
“Of course they do!” the proponent exclaimed, “there might be non
registered weapons in the residence.”

Duh!  The cops take the same precautions whether there are registered weapons or not, cause the registry can’t tell them if there are  unregistered weapons present.  It’s like saying we blew a fortune to tell us there might possibly be a weapon in the house.  I think we knew that before we spent the money.

My guess is the liberals came up with this great idea to eventually
slap a new tax on us.  Your vehicle is registered, it costs to
renew the registration.  Ditto for the guns.  Imagine, several million
weapons in the country all being hit with a firearms tax.  It would
mean tens of millions of dollars for the government, while the crooks still run around with their weapons that are unregistered.    Do the right thing King Stephen.  Toss it to the curb.

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  1. True, true, true! Couldn’t have said it better Jake!

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