Ideas for King Stephen

So the political dust is starting to settle.  Two leaders vaulted
forward, two more tossed to the curb.  As I write this Iggy is
probably on his way back to Harvard, to beg for his old job.  Oh well. Maybe a majority for the tories is a good thing for the liberals, as it will give them time to regroup and find a leader that is a bit more popular with the voters.

Gilles “Bad hair” Duceppe also got canned, along with most of his
party.  Yippee!  I said it before, I’ll say it again; if the province
of Quebec wants a separatist party in provincial politics, so be it.
But I don’t believe they have any right to be a federal party, using
our tax dollars to hammer out a separatist agenda. 

That being said, I would encourage the conservative government to  pass a law where any political party wishing to participate in federal politics would have to run candidates in all areas of the country. That would put an end to the Bloc, or any other party that only has one region of interest.  Federal politics is just that, federal. 

Also, I believe that a party that does run candidates from sea to sea deserves to be in the televised debates whether they have an elected member or not.  Shutting Elizabeth May out was in total bad taste as far as I’m concerned.  Congratulations to her for winning her seat and you can be sure she’ll participate in the next debate.  This is Canada. We need to treat each other fairly in politics, especially when the party in question intends to put the country first.  As for the Bloc,  well all I can say is “bon voyage!”

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One Response to Ideas for King Stephen

  1. Arlene Morrell says:

    Well said Jason! That would surely end the Bloc or any other party from future shenanigans.

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